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  1. Hello all you OR nurses out there! I'm hoping maybe some of you would have some info on this, or know where I could search. I am a Nurse Practitioner, and am looking into doing some PRN first assistant work for a physician. NP's can be billed to Medicare and most major insurance companies as a first assistant. Do any of you happen to have any personal experience with how this is billed, and what rates (generally, of course) insurance companies will reimburse for first assistants? I've been told that Medicare reimburses at 30% of what the surgeon's fees are. Any assistance you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    It would depend on what state your in.... also do you have your FA now? If not you will need to get it unless your trained in the OR with your speciality... The billing is comprable to what a PA makes in the OR, in California I know you can bill as a FA, and there are a few other states. But I do know that you have to be a NP , PA, or a FA with certs in surgery. Ask a PA what the billing is or if your in an office that uses PA and does surgery ask them what the billing is and if your PRN is that going to be with the Drs that your with now or are a specialized? I know Plastics are hot right now with NPFA's because the follow up care is covered via the NP, and the billing is exceptional because most of it is private pay.
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    We have Registered Nurse First Assist programs in Canada. They are RN's who take a certificate program through a college. It's pretty new within the last 5 years or so...I may not be 100%. Anyway, I don't know if you have to be a Nurse Practioner to do this. The girls I know who are doing it, aren't...The course started in Sept. and they finish this spring. They then have RNFA hours to complete. It's touchy...because they hold union positions and this isn't a union position so they will have some issues to clear up.