no longer at the bottom of the pile

  1. hey all

    just had to post this ..... as yoou know if you have read my other posts that i was joining the ortho or team and was very nervous .... BUT I LOVE IT!!!!!!

    the team are great (apart from GOD, sorry i mean one surgeon who thinks he is but thats another story). the work is amazing and really challenging but i get it.

    also we now have 5 new starters in our department so i am no longer the most junior staff member and my, what a difference it makes. i am now treated as a fully fledged member of staff. i am most often scrubbed but also i am second qualified in a or now which means i am the most senior circulator. an now i am able to use my own initiative everything is falling into place.

    just wanted to let you know so that other newly qualifieds can know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and yes it can seem a long and painful road but it is so worth it in the end

    keep smiling
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  3. by   muffie
    moving up the ladder
    nowhere to go but up !
  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I love Ortho myself.
  5. by   tessa_RN
    I love ortho..Since Ive graduated nursing school I hardly get to scrub ortho..But I do circulate it alot..I love doing the Tibias, femurs, and ankles..But I havent scubbed one since I graduated nursing school...I am still at the bottom of the pole but they have hired two new RNs so I wont be for long..I am glad you found a home..The only teams we have at our hospital are Heart Scrubs and Neuro scrubs..But as a circulator you can end up anywhere...I work evening and midnight so I get a taste of everything..It does feel good not to be at the bottom anymore...Glad that you are moving up!