Newbie Nurse wanting to be an OR nurse

  1. I want to be an operating room nurse, Ive tried ward nursing in a tertiary hospital in a stepdown icu unit and, it didnt fit me. I reflected hard and analyzed my personality, strengths and weaknesses and I believe that my niche in the nursing field is in the OR. my question is that, is my goal of being an operating room nurse right of the bat okay? because i am of the opinion that working as an operating room nurse is different from that of the ward and that even if i have years of exp in the ward, it will still not make me a competent OR nurse so I might as well start in the field. Note that I truly am passionate about being one. Is my line of thought correct? or do you think otherwise? any insight is highly appreciated.
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  3. by   brownbook
    Your thinking is correct. You have thought it through very well. I really can't add any more.
  4. by   Rose_Queen
    Part of the path you take may also depend on the requirements of the country where you work- your use of the term ward makes me think it's possible you aren't in the US. Have you looked into the requirements of OR nurses in your country? I know there are some that require additional education beyond nursing school.