New grad RN with assoc degree surgical tech

  1. I am currently in a nursing program due to graduate in a year. I am very interested in OR nursing. While I was waiting to get into nursing school I completed a surgical tech program which I really enjoyed. During my surg tech internship I was able to log 600 hours of scrub experience, some of which was as 1st scrub.

    Once I graduate, how much will my surgical tech degree help in getting a job in OR, given the difficult job market for new grads?
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  3. by   TakeTwoAspirin
    For me, the fact that I was a CST was a major influence in me being hired as a new grad nurse. They loved the fact that I was familiar with the environment, knew the procedures, and would be a flexible employee (they can use me as a scrub or circulator). Having the "inside scoop" in a job is never a bad thing, and if the environment stays as competitive in a year as it is today, this could make the difference between you being hired and not.
  4. by   tclema
    Same here, we desperatly need OR Nurses with a minimum of 1 year experience, but if you are a Scrub Tech or CST, you will be considered for the position. It helps tremendously.
  5. by   NabiRN
    Your scrub experience will be helpful. However, it seems like you went directly from scrub school to nursing school without actually working as a scrub tech. Some hospitals may expect more from you and will put into cases with the idea that you can scrub and circulate. Be honest in your interview. We had a nurse who has the same background as you and everyone is saying how he lied that he can scrub. In reality, he has only done so many cases as a student.
  6. by   odria
    Thanks for the reponses! I think this pretty much validates what I thought. However, I do need to manage expections. I have good documentation on exactly what scrub experience I have as a part of my clinical and will be specific on what I have done or not done. I am pretty confident in my capabilities but I am worried that I will be rusty by the time I graduate from nursing school. It was so hard to get into nursing school and I could not afford to miss the chance. I got in a lot earlier than I had expected. After this quarter I can work as a nurse tech so possibly I can combine that with my CST and get more hands on experience in OR.
  7. by   tclema
    I hope it all works out for you and you get to use your CST and Nurse Tech combination to get more experience in the OR. Looks like you are putting a lot of thought in your career and are on a winning route.