Iodine scrub stained my white gold wedding ring

  1. I usually use Hibiscrub but we'd run out so I had to use iodine scrub (Videne or some such). It has marked my white gold wedding ring with dark grey patches. Any idea what will get them off?
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  3. by   Mr. & Mrs. RN
    I don't know what will get it out, but you can always get it Rhodium plated to make it look good as new. I usually do this once or twice a year just to protect it. I would also recommend that you don't wear any rings per AORN recommendations.
  4. by   Scrubby
    I'm also curious to know why you're wearing a wedding ring and scrubbing? This is a big no no.

    Maybe take your ring to a jeweller and see of they can get rid of the stain. While your there maybe buy a necklace so you can wear your ring on it- if your policy allows this.
  5. by   Libitina
    I work in the uk. We're allowed to wear a plain band wedding ring and plain stud earrings, we're not allowed to wear necklaces or any other jewellery.

    Thanks for the suggestions guys.
  6. by   terry78
    Try scrubbing it with an old toothbrush and crest toothpaste. Years ago, before we knew mercury was so dangerous, I was rolling some around in my hands and got it all over my brand new engagement ring. My dad told me to try the toothpaste and it worked like a charm. Good luck.