Internal Vag Preps

  1. We have always used betadine scrub and paint for perineal/vag preps (internal and external). Today, I spoke ith a gynecologist from Allentown, PA, and he told me that they have been using hibiclens (CHG) for vag preps - internal, too. They just dilute it. As we all know, the CHG is labelled to not use on mucosa. But we also know that betadone must dry to be bacteriocidal. He stated a study form an ID journal to support this - but couldn;t remember specifics off the top of his head. Anyone have any knowledge about this? I'd like to know so that I can bring this to our CQI group.


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  3. by   mcmike55
    Vaginal preps,,,,there's a topic for discussion that never seems to die.
    If it's not in what order to do them, along with abd. preps, it's what to use.

    Dave, if you check back in the archives, I bet you'll find significant information and opinions on the subject.
    I've not seen any studies that say exactly what to use, I'm not sure there is one, magical answer.
    For many years, we used dilute Betadine Scrub.
    When a group of New OB/GYN docs came to our hospital, we changed to dilute Hibiclens.
    In my small rural Ohio hospital, and in Surgery for over 25 years, frankly, I can't remember any significant problems with either.
    I do remember a couple of mild irritation problems with Betadine, but that's about all.
    If there is one set answer, I'm waiting.

    On a similar note, if it's not good for "internal" use, why does Bard put Betadine Solution in all their foley trays??
    Just thinking out loud.

  4. by   staceyp413
    We're having this same debate right now where I work and am awaiting an answer from legal. It's taking a while so I'm not so sure that there is a right answer or we'd have had it immediately. What I wish I knew is why the company puts the warning about mucous membranes on the bottle when it seems that so many MD's want to use hib and so many places do use it.

    I keep checking this thread in hopes that someone will come up with a reasonable explanation or solution.