How to prepare?

  1. Hello,
    I am starting my Orientation on Monday in the OR. It is supposed to be 9 months. Is there anything I can read or look up to get ahead of the game?
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  3. by   chartleypj
    Have you a copy of Alexander's Care of the Patient In Surgery?
    How about AORN's Standards and Recommended Practices for Perioperative Nursing?
    Good luck in your new position.

  4. by   Shevalove
    I do have Alexander's, but I don't have AORN Standards and Recommended Practices for Perioperative Nursing. can I get that on the AORN website or Amazon?
  5. by   spineCNOR
    You can get your copy of the standards on the AORN website, from their Perioperative Bookstore.

    I used the book below to study for the CNOR exam--it has a lot of good, basic information about patient positioning and so forth. Very readable & lots of illustrations.

    Title Perioperative Nursing Core Curriculum
    Authors Rosemary Ann Roth, RN, MSN, CNOR
    Publisher W B Saunders (Harcourt)
    Categories Education
    Edition Copyright Pages Binding AORN Code ISBN Code
    First 1995 445 Softcover MAN-313 0-7216-5197-6
    Member Price $52.95 Nonmember Price $52.95
    Description Published in collaboration with AORN. Effective both as an introductory guide for nurses new to the perioperative setting and as a review for the experienced perioperative nurse. Presents the required knowledge and clinical skills required for perioperative nursing by identifying AORN standards and recommended practices specific to chapter content. Discusses the history, technical aspects, and professional demands of perioperative nursing as well as educational issues.
    Content Asepsis * Environmental safety * Sterilization * Care planning * Wound closure * Positioning * Anesthesia * Professional development

    Member $52.95 Nonmember $52.95


    Good luck with your orientation, and let us know how you are doing. Be patient with yourself-- it takes a good year to become comfortable working in the OR.
    Take care.
  6. by   chartleypj
    I would also recomend you join your local chapter of the Association of PeriOperative Nurses. Besides the wonderful educational opportunities offered at monthly meetings, you will also have the opportunity to network with other perioperative nurses.
    Good luck!
  7. by   kscrnfa
    congratulation on joining the OR team. Watch the surgery, know the anatomy and physiology of the system being operated on. Ask a million questions of everyone from the housekeepers, orderlies, people who wash the dirty instruement, other nurses and the docs. I hope you love it. I sure do. Don't stress about knowing the names of all the instruments.
  8. by   Shevalove
    Thank you so much...It is very scary and exciting at the same time. I have been brushing up on my anatomy...but it seems like I will never know enough! Thanks again!!
  9. by   Sarah, RNBScN

    Perioperative Nursing Principles and Practice, 2nd edition - by Susan S. Fairchild

    Good reference.

    Check the hospital library (resource) center.

    Take care.