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I saw one of our CRNAs drive into the hospital parking lot and at first her license plate didn't make any sense to me. When I figured it out, I burst out laughing: RN4ZZZS Any other good... Read More

  1. by   DutchgirlRN
    A gastroenterologist


    Guts are us
  2. by   Circl8r
    I know an anesthesiologist: ISNOOZM


    A Urologist: PLUMBR8

    A Cardiologist: PQRST U

    My former plate: JUST A RN (inside joke), then DONA RN1

    I changed plates and removed all references to nursing. I hear that if you bypass an accident scene and someone sees that you are an RN, you can be held accountable. Don't know if it's true, but THIS RN's not taking a chance!
  3. by   surgerynurse70
    saw the following recently, not medical but still cool
    on a convertible "IMTPLSS"
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  4. by   StarlightRN
    My sister has one that says "IMANRN"
    I thought about "IMANRN2" we're twins. LOL
  5. by   ShariDCST
    not medical - but clever nonetheless. my husband is a mechanic, and sent me a picture from his cellphone of the license plate on a late model corvette owned by an older gentleman -
  6. by   Booty Nurse
    A female OB-GYN who I work with: 10 CM

    A licensed midwife I used to know: KEGAL (to remind everyone to do those squeezes!)
  7. by   openheartmary
  8. by   jcooks
    My plate reads...


    I know it's not the most creative tag but i like it because even people who don't work in healthcare know what it means :typing
  9. by   goodtlvc
    I saw a silver corvette


    AG= the element silver!
    Thought it was clever