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  1. We have been recently looking into what we might buy for the next capital purchase phase of the year. Sort of a OR version of a Christmas list :chuckle
    My question, we have always used wet mops to clean the floors between cases. This is something I don't think AORN likes too well, and we have questioned at times over the years.
    How do other clean their OR floors between cases???
    If you are using some sort of wet vac, what company do you recommend?
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  3. by   shodobe
    Still use the old,wet mop. All places I have worked at or thought about working at still uses the mop. I really thought the wet, vac system went out. I guess I was wrong. Mike
  4. by   armyrn
    we use a wetvac, we have to follow behind with a dry mop though to make sure we get all the wet up so no one slips.
  5. by   carcha
    we use the machine at the end of the list, or after MRSA, ect. However we keep a fresh supply of mop heads in the back and use a fresh head for cases in between if required. Usually we go through about 6 heads but the GU room obviously goes through more.
  6. by   odatrn
    Cleaning solution out of a large sprayer and a clean mop head for every case. Never have used a wet vac, sounds loud and messy?
  7. by   armyrn
    yes, it's loud!
  8. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Wet mop. (Saw an anesthesiologist mop an O.R. floor TWICE today )
  9. by   HazeK
    wet mop...lots of changes of mopheads and washwater!
  10. by   mcmike55
    Thanks for the input. We still wet mop the rooms after each case. Usually one mop/bucket for two rooms. They get changed at night by housekeeping, and during the day only prn, after MRSA, and so on.
    With the increase in SSI's and MRSA, etc, I just got wondering if we are shooting ourself in the foot, by not changing more often or using some sort of vacum system, eliminating the bucket.
    We have been talking about doing some spot cultures, to see what happens.
    I'm tempted to stick a swab in one of these buckets, and see what develops.

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