Dual degrees RN/CST

  1. Hi! I'm looking to enter the CST program but have been reading about the RN/CST debate.

    I am transfering credits, so I don't even have the full 2 years to go (more like one) for CST.

    Has anyone tried to just dual-major so you have both? I really want to be in the OR, so that's why I was going to the CST. I was told you couldn't do a nursing specialty unless you were done with 4 year-nursing degree (something I simply can't do right now), but if I can go into the OR with the 2-year RN...

    At some point, I may go back to finish the 4-year, but I'm not sure time wise what I can do-- still working, and my brain tumor may decide to stop playing nice *laugh*

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  3. by   sunnyjohn
    I'm a CST. First let me start by saying I LOVE my job. Scrubbing has opened doors for me that I can't even describe. The opportunities have been wonderful.

    Still, I'm on my way to nursing school. Why? cause I'm curious and I want more. The Association of Surgical Technologist encourages CST's to seek higher education (nursing, CFA, PA, etc) in order to advance our field!

    If you have a choice I would suggest you go straight to nursing school. You can always get a into a perioperative nurse internship as a new grad that will teach you how to scrub, circulate and function as a RN in the operating room.
  4. by   BuffaloGator
    Well, now I'm getting more confused as to what to do.... *laugh*

    I can never reach the program director for Surg Tech...the nursing director said I don't need both. The 4-year (UB) said that I can get the Surg Tech degree (SUNY programs, so it's a degree that transfers) and then if I find I need it or want the RN I can transfer to UB and finish out there.

    I may just do that. Talked to the director of the surg center I work at and she said she'd be more likely to hire an RN because they can circulate, but if I was working on the RN she'd still take me to keep things "in house".

    I'm 31, so I don't exactly have years to waste! *laugh* I figure do the surg tech then get the 4yr if I find I need it. It seems RNs will need a 4 yr anyhow by what I've read here. Still want to be in the OR though.
  5. by   Surgicell
    Hi Buffalo, I am assuming that you live in the WNY area, given your screen name, and you mentioned UB. I am a CST (8 Years), went back to school for RN (2 years ago), which gives me over 10 years OR experience to date. I can fill you in on the pros and cons of each, as well as the different schools/programs in the WNY area if you'd like. Please PM me if interested.
  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Surgicell, i like that name lol.
  7. by   Surgicell
    Thanks Marie... btw, I always enjoy your posts. :spin: