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So basically I'm looking for other nurses that work steady nights in the OR that can offer some encouragment. I have been on steady nights in the operating room for close to three years now and... Read More

  1. by   Kathy643
    I've worked both shifts.. They're just different. One isn't better than the other.. The day shift might be more "steady" of a pace.. but as you said night shifts do a lot of work that might go unappreciated... I started on nights, and I got SO much experience through that. My resume now says I can do any kind of surgery because of my work on nights.. On days, I'm on a team, which if I didn't have my night background, I would only be able to work jobs with that one team's experience...You just continue to be a good worker, and let your actions speak for itself
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  2. by   That Guy
    I loved when day always said "oh the pts dont do anything but sleep at night." I would just sit there, blink at them then move along.