Counting/Wasting Narcotics in ASC

  1. I live in California and just went from an acute care OR to an ASC and am finding a lot of things different. Does anyone know if it's okay for anyone to count and waste narcotics, and circulate in the operating rooms in an ASC. This is happening at my new job and I'm not aware of it being ok. If you know where I can look for rules governing an ASC I'd like that information as well. Thanks
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    Anyone who is an RN can count narcotics. It doesn't matter if they are a circulator, work admit, or work recovery, as long as they are a RN. Maybe I don't understand your question?
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    They have the materials coordinator who is a medical assistant by education allowed to count and waste same person and the buisness manager are circulating the rooms as well. I don't believe this is allowed and when I questioned it I was theartened with my job.
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    Well......irregardless of the correct answer I would hand in my two weeks notice as soon as I could get another job lined up. To be threatened with your job is a huge red flag!

    I hope someone else chimes in. I found one site from the United States Department Of Justice....Drug Enforcement Agency....Office of Diversion Control.....Practitioner's Manual. section 18:10....."Wastage documentation will be performed involving two licensed health care professionals unless otherwise specifically authorized by the Director of Pharmacy (such as pharmacy technicians per pharmacy procedures and radiology and cath lab staff who may serve as witness)."

    Everywhere else I "Googled" had sooooo much legalese and wouldn't give a simple answer! I am either very bad at finding the answer or asking the right question?

    Maybe find the policy and procedure manual where you work. I am assuming, it has to be licensed personnel for counting also, maybe even not LVN's, but either way I would look for a different job. To be threatened is crazy!
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