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Hi, Im looking into going into OR nursing (just started school and looking into different specialties) and I was wondering if you are constantly starting IVs, or if not, who does that? I have an IV... Read More

  1. by   IamRN
    As a GN I was spoiled in the Tele unit I started, we had IV Team. Then I transferred to nights, no IV team. Then I counted on more experience staff to start them for me, until one night I got tired of waiting and my little nursing home dehydrated unresonsive patient needed fluids yesterday! I gathered my equipment and got it on the first try! I have loved IV therapy since then. I plan on getting my certification soon.

    I was flattered when IV team approached me w/a job offer...I couldn't take it because I was starting an ICU internship. They approached me because they started seeing my name on a lot of the IV sites (fellow nurses got tired of waiting for IV team and would ask me to do them) and some of them were known difficult sticks.

    Just goes to never know!
  2. by   MelissaRN
    I know on our floor when we have to run an IV the tubing we have has a filter that goes into the pump. You can't set it up to run manually. I know that we get a lot of post op patients where we have to change all the tubing over to set them up to the pump to run piggy back.
  3. by   armyrn
    we are having an opposite probelm, nurses on the floor running blood or potassium on pumps (and there are others, those just come to mind) and taking the pumps off prior to transfer. either running wide open or not at all. a little frightening, sometimes. oh, and IV should be 18 or at least 20 ga. gotta love the 24 ga in the AC! :angryfire
  4. by   mcmike55
    For us, we start almost 100% of the IV's for surgery. We do it in our holding area. Many moons ago, the anes. people (doc and crna's) didn't want us to touch "their IV'S" BUT, over the years that has changed.
    We also were taught to numb the sites with bacteriostatic NS, which helps in many cases.
    The anes docs still do the hard ones, that we can't get. But I tell you, several of the nurses are very good at it.
    As far as size of IV, I guess 18 is the standard, but we try larger if the case looks to be a bad on, 20 or 22 if a small child.
    One anes. doc. says to get in what we can...he would rather have a good 20 in the arm, than a 18 or 16 in the trash can!! :chuckle
  5. by   MelissaRN
    I've been working day surgery area where the patients go before the OR and I've really perfected my IV skills since being there. I've started more IV's in the last couple of weeks than I did for a year on the floor. LOL.