Compression Stockings

  1. I am thinking of buying a compression stockings to wear at work. My legs get really tired and sore after work and I just want to take care of my legs and also prevent some varicose vein in the future.

    Any advice on what brand to buy? 15-20mmhg? or 20 above is better?
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  3. by   heydelilah
    I use men's work socks (I wear a women's 11 and buy a mens small) since I can't stand the women's panty hose and can never any women's socks locally. I use the lowest mmhg (i think 8 to 15) and they work wonders. It can really feel it on the days I was too lazy to wash them and I wear regular socks. I buy the drug store generic ones and they work well.
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    I'm a runner and wear Zensah compression calf sleeves for post-run recovery. I started wearing them to work (CNA) and they really help! They're around $40 at running stores. Not sure if sporting goods stores sell them.