Compiling My Notes

  1. I am finally getting to the end of compiling my OR notes. I have taken over 100 pages of notes on all the specialties I've been learning: Ortho, Vascular, GYN, General, Eyes, Plastics, and I have only received a little training in Neuro but I hope to learn more in the future. I have filled up a small notepad that I kept in my pocket, and then I used the cardboard tabs that come off when tying up a scrub/surgeon, and I must have had another 100 of those. I hope that I will have a good 1st draft in about a week. Then I am going to divide each category into sub categories such as Positioning, Drugs, Sutures, Equipment. Then print them out, and make a small booklet, which I can carry with me. It's good for me to re-read the notes to help the information stick. I am coming off orientation end of March, and will probably be in April's schedule. When I started, it seemed like a monumental task but I will be so proud when it is finished.
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  3. by   jeckrn
    If it helps you retain the information. Some of the notes you took at first might have more information on them then they need since they were the first ones.
  4. by   WhoDatWhoDare
    The biggest change to you plan I would suggest would be to compile in a electronic form you can perhaps access from a device instead of printed (makes updates and future changes a snap).

    There might be an app you can use. I have used Evernote, but there are others. Additionally, an electronic note could be searchable, making information more quickly accessible.
  5. by   Saraa, OR RN
    Can you please email me your notes? I am pretty new to this department.