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I work in a small town ambulatory surgery center.There are only five of us nurses. 4 Rn's and 1 LPN. The patients who come in only receive conscious sedation. We have no general anesthesia. My... Read More

  1. by   klmRN234
    I work in Utah at a large hospital. The pay is $29.10 hour for a nurse that has over 20 years experience (in any area). I hope this helps.
  2. by   ewattsjt

    in my area; or nurses are considered staff nurses and are paid the same as any non specialty or management nurses. so it would be the same pay.
  3. by   OR male nurse
    3 years experience. Graduated in 2005. My base rate is $23/hour. Time and 1/2 over 40/week. $2.50/hour to carry a pager and be on call. Time and 1/2 for all called in hours. I live in Wisconsin and work at a small Catholic hospital. Last year I made a little over $52,000 for the year with all the call and regular hours. However, the cost of living isn't that bad here but Wisconsin has one of the highest state taxes.
  4. by   feiying88
    i am a male nurse in the operating room , my salary is 600yuan/month , so low,and that's why there are lots of nurses in china want to go abrod to have a try.
    and in beijing ,there are lots of companies which can help the nurse going abroad, and said there is high salary and respect in the nursing area. i dont know wheather is true or not, but i almost trust them completely.
  5. by   sandiegojames
    Ouch, these salaries are pretty painful.

    I'm in So Cal with 7 years Exp.
    $38/hour base
    $2.50/hour shift diff for 11am-7:30pm
    $6.50/hour for the pager
    1.5 x call back.

    Of course cost of living is much higher in so california. But at the end of the day, both my house and my 401k will be a whole lot more when I retire to the mountains in oregon. So I can hardly see the argument for getting paid less for living in a cheaper area. It's not like medicare will cost any less when were old regardless of where you live?
  6. by   feiying88
    but how about the stage? is it ok in there? in china ,low ,too.
    somttimes i want to drop it, but maybe better going abroad.
  7. by   aquarius1
    Does anyone out there have an idea about the working condition of OR/Theatre nurses in New Mexico? salary? on-call pay? etc....
    Hope you could help me with this?
    Many thanks......
  8. by   richardsrl
    I work in a major hospital in the Northern KY/Greater Cincinnati (Ohio) area. I have almost 25 years nursing experience with 10 in the O.R. We get approx $32/hour. No call. We are considered specialty nurses and are paid higher than the floor nurses.
  9. by   umakemesmile
    16yrs exp.
    37.25/hr + beneies
    1.5 x call back
    3.00/hr call pay weekday
    5.00/hr weekends (can't figure that one out)
    1.5 after 40 hr worked

    I guess I'll stop complaining. Except to say that we can't tell a surgeon that elective call case's won't fly.
  10. by   kookinitreal
    I wouldn't even consider a job paying less than $35/hr regardless of where I live. It's only 70K/yr. Truck drivers make that much. (nothing against truck drivers). Never understood why someone would go through 4yrs of college for a job that is "critically undermanned" for $20/hr. I made that much at Home Depot renting tools without a degree. Forget nursing, save yourself the ulcer...costco will pay $20/hr to work the night shift stocking shelves...
  11. by   Charon
    I know that this is an old thread but the subject of salary never gets old. We all have to live, eat and support loved ones. I have been a Surgical Technologist in the OR for the past 14+ years and have exclusively done nights for the past 11+ years. I recently graduated from nursing school and my hospital is willing to offer me a lateral transfer in salary to take a position in the OR. Am I being petty because I feel insulted?

    I currently make $30/hour with a $2.50 night differential. If I can make $30+ as a surgical tech why would I accept the same pay as a nurse? I would think that my versatility is now more of an assett to the department and my training would not be as extensive (time-consuming) as someone totaly new to this environment. I work with an excellent group of nurses on nights who have basically trainied and tutored me since before I started nursing school. Should I take the lateral transfer and be grateful or should I negotiate? The starting pay for new grads at my institution is currently $26.50, so HR thinks that allowing me to keep my current salary is a huge compliment. Please share your wisdom.
  12. by   brainnurse is a huge compliment, and a concession on the part of HR. Unfortunately, hospital pay structures are very rigid. You are in a nursing compensation category based on how many years you've held a license. Your years contributed to the organization in another job category are n/a.
    This happened to me when I transitioned for ST to RN 20 years ago. I had to take a $5/hr pay cut from the top of the range for ST, to the bottom of the food chain for RN. I, too, made the argument about how valuable I was to the organization, required no training time, etc., they understood my points, but couldn't go outside of that box. So, I had to eat it, and now, 20 years later, I've far exceeded that ST pay ceiling.
    Consider yourself highly complimented by this concession, go forth and kick some circulating butt! Before you know it, you'll be making more than ever.'ll really miss scrubbing :-(
  13. by   kookinitreal
    Assume more responsibility for less pay? You're freaking kidding right? Give me a break!

    I guess if I try to see the silver lining...THERE IS NO NURSING SHORTAGE. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE...There is a shortage of people willing to work in crappy condition for minimum compensation. Anyone out there saying they took a pay cut from ST to RN is doing more to hurt the profession than help. Only a field dominated by women would be asked to assume more responsibility for less pay. Next time your in the HR office ask the HR rep if "they'd like to assume more responsibility for less pay?" May be they should go to school get an MBA get a "promotion" but work for less money. In fact, why don't we ask all our male friends who are not nurses if they'd even consider taking a job with more responsibility "where you get sued" for less money. It's laughable...