1. I work in a 3 suite hospital OR, the hospital is owned by a corporation. They cut corners every way they can...believe me.
    We work the rooms, sometimes having 5-6 cases in each room (we only run 2 rooms at one time), we do our own cleaning, transporting the patient back to their room, we wash and package instruments, and sterilize them, after we finish our cases.Then, on the days we are not busy we are expected to clean, which is not in our job description. But, we moved into a new hospital 2 years ago, and not one ceiling or upper wall has been touched by cleaning fluid......makes me wonder what is growing up there??? It has been brought up many times, but wvery time we think it is going to be done by housekeeping something comes up and they can't do it....and they won't hire any housekeeping staff to help...also, there are 7 people who work in housekeeping, now this is for a 64 bed hospital, er, mental health, ops, lab, respiratory, x-ray, icu, med-surg, and or.
    Pretty pitiful HuH!!!!
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  3. by   nrw350
    Man that is scary. Because all it takes is a tiny droplet of blood or other fluid up there to grow something really bad up there.