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    I applied for OR nurse position in the biggest hospital in my state!I think I got accepted.I am so excited!I know I am going to have a Perioperative training and etc but I was wondering if you my Dear NURSES can give me some advice or material that I can start studying?I would really appreciate that!Thank you
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    Juliana, I've asked to have your thread moved to the OR forum. In that forum, you will find a tab for FAQs and Articles. I highly recommend reading those and then seeking clarification of any questions you may have- there is an amazing wealth of information there.
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    Moved to the OR forum
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    Thank you !
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    I would start studying surgical instruments, as a new nurse I have found that my journey into the OR would have been a lot easier if I had some background on what instruments were named. You will have to run out of the room and find particular instruments and it's much easier if you know what they look like.
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    Thank you for taking your time to respond; you are so kind. I would definitely do that.