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In Our usual practice, Only Anaesthetist, Surgeon, ORTechnician and Pregnant Nursing Staff can sit in the theatre. Scrub nurse and circulating never have a seat, I abu other OR practice?... Read More

  1. by   mcmike55
    In a reply to if circulators should sit during a case, I think why not!
    Many of our cases last not much more than an hour, but as long as the RN is paying attention, and have the time, why not sit.
    We, in the past, had nurses that liked to do cross word puzzles, etc. That has stopped, thank goodness.
    But bottom line, if you are paying attention and doing your job, sit if you can!
    I've been in the OR for over 20 years, I need all the help I can get!! :chuckle
  2. by   JaneQ
    I just want to know where in the He?? do they have "custom" chairs for circulators?
    Was it in a private surgery office for a group of High Powered Plastic Surgeon's in New York maybe on Fifth Ave?? Just Curious..............

    Maybe I could have a job like that someday!
  3. by   nellie_nurse812
    Why would they not want us to sit? We have stools in each room and can use the as needed...............
  4. by   ceecel.dee
    Of course we can sit! What we need engaged at all times is our eyes, ears and brains...not our butts, backs and feet!
  5. by   angel03
    Quote from Pam RN
    My old educator was a "miss AORN" type and for good reason. When I went to a new hospital the circulators were reading cooking magazines and copying down recipes with their backs to the field. I was so appalled. I used to make fun of the "miss AORN" types but after seeing that display of unprofessionalism I take back my jokes! The scrub would ask for a suture or something and the nurse couldn't rip her eyes from her magazine! "Sure, doc I'll get when I'm done with this article."
    :angel2:When I was trained the circulator stood at the bottom of the field and concentated on the surgery anticipating the needs of the surgeon and scrub....we only sat when the surgeon sat.......I believe that this has gone by the way side....I do sit to do my paperwork but my ear is always to the field....I don't think their is anything wrong with sitting as long as you are attentive...THIS MEANS NOT DOING CROSSWORD PUZZELS OR READING an AVON BOOK......I find it very distasteful and non professional when I see some of my peers doing this......As I have stated before the patient is #1 and if that were your loved one would you want someone engrossed in word search???????
  6. by   nurselily3
    You need to find yourself a chair before the case begins. Take care of everyone else, but don't forget yourself.