Can a surg. tech. "circulate" a case -give medications? - page 7

At the hospital where I currently practice we sometimes have 2-RNs and 1-Surg. Tech in a room (on good days). In some cases the Surg. Tech. is allowed to "ciculate" the room with one of the RNs. My... Read More

  1. by   shodobe
    Remember to follow your state rules governing your scope of practice. It doesn't matter whether you know how to do something, if it doesn't come under that scope you are doing something ILLEGAL! Some of you haven't been in the OR long enough to form some of these ridiculous opinions. Save yourselves grief and follow the rules. If your state says this is exceptable then OK, if not then stop doing things you are not allowed to do. I do both ends of the job and allow the techs to do just what they are allowed to do because the ultimate responsibility is mine and my a** is on the line if they screw up despite what some posters will lead you to believe.
  2. by   Owensaunt
    Scope of practice? ST's should never hand up anything that comes out of the med PYXIS.