Call Schedule Question

  1. At my facility, the policy states:

    "Emergency call will be covered by one RN and two Certified Surgical Technologists. If an RN does not return the call within five minutes, a third CST maybe scrub in the RN's place."

    What does this mean? Will the CST have the same duties as the RN r/t practicing under the surgeon's license? I don't really understand how everything works in surgery w/ call and all that, so I'm just wondering.
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  3. by   GadgetRN71
    I don't see how this could work...the RN would be needed to circulate and in many states(not all, though) a circulator has to be an RN. :uhoh21:. You can't delagate that to an unlicensed person.. The way that paragraph is worded is makes it sound like all 3 people are scrubbing?