Betacept for hyperthyroid patients

  1. hi,

    i am a new rn going through an or training program and have some questions.

    can you tell me what kind of skin prep you use for your hyperthyroid patients?

    we were taught to use betacept, however some surgeons say there is no problem using regular prep kits (with betadine).

    what are the rationales to do either or?

    and is there any supporting evidence (based practices) to accompany the rationales?

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  3. by   augigi
    A quick look at the literature makes it appear that there is no problem with skin preparation by Betadine. The only evidence I could see of povidone-iodine associated hyperthyroidism is when the solution was applied continuously to open wounds incl. burns, or irrigated into large cavities.

    Relevant articles:

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