Any suggestions?

  1. Hi there, I am new and have a question for anyone with any suggestions. I have been traveling as an ICU nurse, but recently I was offered and accepted an OR postion (for less pay of course). The problem is that I have another contract starting next week in an ICU and I am not really interested because I really want to get more OR experience and then start traveling with that. So which job do I take the OR or the travel ICU position??????? By the way I might ruin my chances of ever getting hired with these facilities in the future.
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  3. by   mikethern
    You're going to need several years O.R. experience before you will be competent enough to do travel nursing. There's a lot more to learn than you think.
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  4. by   maeyken
    What job interests you more? Why did you accept one job when you have a new contract starting soon? Keep in mind that on average it takes about 2 years to feel competent in the OR (of course everyone is unique, but this is a good timeframe to consider). If you stay with the OR job, would you be willing to spend 2 years there before travelling again? If you stay with the ICU contract, would you have other OR opportunities in the future? Just some stuff to think about