1. Hi everyone...Just returned back home from interview in the O.R.!!! I must say that it was the most laid back interview that I have ever been in...I spoke with both the manager and director over the perioperative services, and I also met one of the trauma surgeons:spin: He was very down to earth, actually they all were...and I really enjoyed this interview!!!They told me they thought that I would fit in to their "team" and I hope and pray that I get this job...Still crossing my fingers...You guys let me know what u think...THANKS SO MUCH!!!
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  3. by   tessa_RN
    Good luck!!! I am crossing my fingers for you..I am glad that the interview went well!
  4. by   shodobe
    Not too many places have the surgeons come in to meet potential employees. I am assuming the director brought him in because she thought that much of you. Good luck!
  5. by   IsseyM
    Ooops. Sorry i posted to you on your other post "Very Scared" giving you some questions you might expect for the interview. For some reason i was thinking your interview was this Monday the 21st. Glad to hear your interview was laid back. That is so neat you got to meet a trauma surgeon and interview with him as well. Sounds like you will be a part of their "team"
    I will keep my fingers crossed. Good luck!

  6. by   SeaTracer75
    hey i'm new too and have an interview for same day surgery tomorrow.... not sure i know enough to do all that well, i'll have to rely on my charming personality..... lololol any suggestions?