6month Internship

  1. Is a 6 month Internship in the OR long enough to get competent at everything that needs to be done. I hoping to get into the OR via this route. Any input would be appreciated
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  3. by   spineCNOR
    Hmmm.... I have been working in the OR for 10 years and I am not competent at everything!!!

    But seriously-- Six months will be enough for you to get comfortable with the basics of the OR- sterile technique, basic instrumentation, etc. It does take a good year to get comfortable.

    What are the details of this internship? Will you have the opportunity to rotate through all services? Will you have preceptors experienced in each specialty to orient you? If you feel that you be able to get a quality orientation at this facility you should do just fine.

    One thing I have seen that DOES NOT work well (but is often done where I work) is that orientees are in one service today, a different one tomorrow, and yet another the day after that. Consistency in assignments works much better--if you will be in one service a few days running at least.

    As with any orientation experience--be assertive--let people know what experiences you need, and when you don't feel comfortable and need a little extra help. The OR can be a great place to work, but starting off with a good foundation will make things go much easier for you.
  4. by   ScottieRN

    Thank you for the post. I was wondering if anyone would respond. Details... The first 5 weeks are didactic, then General Surg to get comfortable and then on to specialties. I have been told that I will have a preceptor in each area. I work their hours no matter what days/hours period.
    I dont even expect to begin until July. I just hope all will be well.

    BTW I love your quote. I feel the same way but, so far in my career it has not been that way.

    Thanks again for the post!!
  5. by   shodobe
    I agree with spineCNOR, after 25 years I still don't know everything and still learning everyday. Like she said 6 months will get you the basics and hopefully you'll attach yourself to an experienced OR RN and soak up all their knowledge. Good luck and welcome to the club. Mike
  6. by   New CCU RN
    Don't know much about OR nursing.... but the majority of the OR orientations tend to be about 6 months.... pretty standard. It sounds like yours also has a good combo of various means of teaching....

    Be sure to ask tons of questions...don't be afraid to admit you don;t know something.

    Study a bit on your own.

    Find at least one great person....whether it be your preceptor or another nurse there and just ask ask away...

    Have fun!!!! Good luck to ya..keep us posted on how it is going.
  7. by   chartleypj
    Very informative posts. At our facility we strive to stretch the RN orientation to 12 months. Occasionally the orientee may go solo on procedures he/she has been oriented to and feels comfortable with.
    After 26 years I am also still learning. The one thing I've always loved about perioperative nursing is the challenge of new techniques, instrumentation and procedures. Enjoy your internship and welcome to perioperative nursing!

    Hey, I like that quote, too spineCNOR.

  8. by   e-nurse
    I'll let you know in 5 months. I just passed the test after my month of didactic today. I am also in Maine. Just moved here for the job. Where are you applying? I think 6 months should be pretty adequate considering that there's orintations out there that are only 6-10 weeks which would just be plain dangerous. Good luck, and wish me luck.
  9. by   mikestudrn
    Hello! I plan to go into OR nursing, and would alos like to travel. How is the demand for OR nurses? Is it comprable to the demand of other specialties?
  10. by   POPRN
    If you are going to travel. Get at least one year experience. and go into a speciality....such as open hearts....there is always a demand for open heart nurses. and learn to scrub. the more you can do the more valueable you will be.
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    Just saw that it's your Bday!
    Best wishes from Ireland :hatparty: