2 pts in the same OR room?!?!?! - page 3

OK, heres the story...a new nurse came to work with us and mentioned that this one place (in cincinati perhaps?) would put 2 carpal tunnels in the SAME OR ROOM and the surgeon would do one then... Read More

  1. by   brewerpaul
    Quote from suzanne4
    Even doing eye cases, we still had two rooms going, one was getting ready while the surgeon worked in the other room. They alternated between both rooms and everything was kept as it should be.

    Sorry, but no respect for anyone that wishes to treat patients like that.
    Wonder how they would change if they were the patient or it was their family member?

    Bet you that there would not be two patients in the same room.
    Yeah, we have two rooms for cysto and on some days the Doc hops back and forth from room to room when he has quick cases one after the other. But we do each room with a separate crew, and by the book.
  2. by   elcue
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]A few of our orthopedists each routinely have 2 staggered rooms of total joints on a given day, each room fully staffed so there is virtually no turnover time at all. I have seen one of these guys do as many as eleven totals in one day. And they still whine about money all the time..... At least we're using separate rooms for these patients - so far...
    But I've gotten off-topic, I guess. Sorry.
  3. by   richardsrl
    I work in an OR in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern KY area. I am pretty sure this has not gone on here. I just cannot imagine this is done anywhere. Like someone else said, what about HIV, Hep C, MRSA....I would consult AORN on that one.