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Ontario Nurses and reflective practice


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It's that time of year when once again we have to go through our refective practice spiel. How's it going? Have you been able to complete everything they require? Have you been audited? I haven't, thank goodness.

I heard of one nurse who had to write an exam. To be honest, if I'm made to do that I'm afraid that I'll fail...I've been an office nurse for over 11 years, my hospital experience is rather limited. Has anyone been tagged for the exam?

What year are you in? I didn't have time to go through all your posts to find out. I'm in first and we just finished the annual nurses portfolio. Is the reflective practice spiel the same thing?

Reflective practice is a yearly requirement from the Ontario College of Nurses (once you have your license). You can acomplish this in several ways. The CNO website has some good information. You can do this through your employers yearly performance review if it meets the requirements.

I know a few people who have been audited. You are not expected to know the standards of practice for working in a hospital setting if you work in an office environment although some of the standards are similar.

My advice is look at the CNO website and use their tool for reflective practice if you need to. You can even call them if you have questions.

If you get audited make sure you read and know the Compendium of Standards of Practice of the CNO.

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