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Online schools with bad customer service!


Has 7 years experience.

What is up with these schools?

Granted,i have only paid the application fee for 3 of these on my list,but you would think they would have better customer service,and it turns me off from wanting to spend my money with them.

Thomas Edison State University

First,all communication is done by email.

That is a pain in the for various reasons.

I applied about 3 weeks ago and I thought someone was going to at least call me back!

It did not happen,so i called and that is when the representative said all communication is through email.

There are some questions i would have loved to ask,and having a one on one phone call is so much better.

Get this...the college is literally only 30 minutes from my home,but i cannot even stop by the college either,because as i said everything is through email.

I filled out an application for UTA a month and a half ago and have only recieved 2 calls from them...i missed both because i work nights and was sleeping.

I tried calling the admissions counselor back and nothing!

I cannot reach her at all.

Mind you,i was trying to get in by the summer semester.

The deadline was April 1.

The UTA website does not even have an address on it where i can send my transcripts,so i really needed to talk to her.

The worst of the worst was that Chamberlain.

The admission counselor was laughing the whole time we were talking.

I had to hang up on her.

I have had the best experiences with WGU.

I initially did not want to WGU because of the GPA issue but i tell you,their customer service is winning me over.

The have called me almost every week so far,and they are professional!

I know that might seem like a trivial reason to attend a school,but if i cannot even contact anyone now,what is it going to be like once i start classes?


Has 7 years experience.

Is it bad that a schools uses email for all communication with their students?

I know its a plus for them because everything is in writing,but what about the student?

I have had nothing but great communication and support with Chamberlain (granted im not doing an online program). I'm sorry to hear it has not been that way for you.

Look at it this way. If you need your transcripts 17 years from now, which of these schools do you think will accurately, and quickly provide them, and which do you think will cash your check or money order and then not send the transcripts at all?