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Hi Guys! I feel likeI can't find anyone who has attendedThe University of Cincinnati College online program.Anyone here currently in the school? I would like to know what's the course load like. Is it paper heavy, quiz heavy/test every week? Is it doable while working? Is there a lot of group work? Love if anyone has info. Otherwise I'm looking at University of Louisiana at Lafayette's or the University of Houston in Victoria online (which is new but they are very quick to respond so far). I would have to do more classes at ULL but I feel comfort in the many positive reviews about the school.

ANY INPUT WOULD BE MUCH appreciated :)


Thanks :specs:

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I'm doing Ohio University's RN to BSN program and there are a lot of people who have gone through it before. I'd consider them. They were quick to admit me.

I didn't even know that University of Cincinnati had a RN to BSN program.

Thanks! Yeah they have an RN to BSN as well as one online. I guess it must be more new I just haven't seen anything on it or reviews. Is the Ohio University online?

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100% online. It has 5 week classes. I had a partner school so all of my credits transferred so I only had a junior comp class and the 9 nursing classes to complete. I start next week.



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Hello! I was wondering how is the experience at Cincinnati RN-BSN program?  Do they offer students to apply for Public Health Nurse certificate at the end of the program?

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