online prereq only 4-5 weeks long???


Anyone knows where can I take some accelerated courses 4-5 weeks? if the college is in California even better



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I think you can take any online course as fast as you want (provided there are no group assignments involved). The course critical dates only apply to the max amount of time you're allowed to spend on each module/unit. So if you can get through the material in a shorter amount of time then that's a good thing.


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Thank you

I dont think so.....because the class I am taking now online is 9 weeks long and it has a set date for final exam...


The class I took online was not self paced at all. There was flexibility in terms of when exactly I needed to post to the discussion forums, but our assignments were all handed out week by week and our tests were scheduled too.

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My school has online courses, some of which there are no in class meetings.

There is a 3 week psych1A class in december online, no in class meetings. I go to SRJC.


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Barstow college has a bunch of online classes but they are 9 weeks long. I am taking a Pharmacology class online through them now. Not bad.


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Thank you everyone...I am actually taking History at Barstow but I was thinking about something more accelerated


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