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Online or On campus?

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I cannot decide between 2 nursing programs. One is online and the other is on campus. Which would provide a better experience? I live 1.5 hours from the school that is on campus. I know the distance is far, but I am willing to travel if doing so is a better experience. The two schools are Western Kentucky University and West Community College in Paducah, KY.

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I think that would depend on your learning style, motivation, and whether or not in-person interaction with classmates matters to you.

Personally, I thrive in the serenity of doing my own thing. However, I was 44 when I returned for the RN. So, the ‘college experience’ that most young folks desire was of no interest to me at all. I did, however, develop a very small circle of friends during my experience...friends whom I’ve yet to meet in person 10 years later, but still chat with regularly.😉

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I don't know how far you are from Louisville, but Galen has a great program that is hybrid - Most classes are online, even nursing theory courses. They also accepted a lot of my transfer credits, so I only need 51 credits to bridge.


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I have heard that Galen is an excellent program. It seems very fast paced. The semester in which I would take the Applied Ethics and Advanced Concepts of Med Surge is why I looked elsewhere. I have not had an Ethics course, so I would have to take both of them in a short semester.

It is very accelerated for sure - I had 32 credit hours transferred in so it is definitely making it doable for me.

If you fail a course (which I know 2 people that have) you just stay in the same term, and take only the course you failed. Worst case it adds on 12 weeks to your program but they don't kick you out if you don't pass a course.


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Thank you!