Walla Walla nursing 2018 - page 2

I was wondering if anyone else out there has applied to the Walla Walla or Clarkston Nursing program for fall 2018?... Read More

  1. by   Milljen25
    Christinabell2 what is your score?
  2. by   Milljen25
    Christinasbell2 what is your score?
  3. by   christinabell2
    I'm not sure lol. I never calculated it. Didnt want to find out f it was low because it would stress me out even worse. One grade was a 2.9 and all the rest 3.0-3.6
  4. by   Milljen25
    Lol that stresses me out! I heard that someone found out that people just below 32 got in last year so maybe it will be close to that this year
  5. by   Caseytc
    I live in Kennewick but the class is Thursday and Friday nights 5-9.
    My score is 32.7. It's kind of sad because when they transfer your grades they really look lower than what they are!
  6. by   Milljen25
    Do you guys know how many people they accept to each program?
  7. by   Milljen25
    Nevermind it's 70!
  8. by   Milljen25
    Keep us updated if either of you find out!
  9. by   Milljen25
    If you guys still need your cna Columbia safety is thinking about doing a night and weekend course. Their doing a poll for interest! Go on their Facebook page and say your interested!
  10. by   christinabell2
    Thanks Milljen25 for the CNA info! Who do we contact to ask about the acceptance letters? I am trying to be patient but the waiting is nerve wracking!!!
  11. by   Milljen25
    I think we can call Becky, that's the main nursing person for Walla Walla
  12. by   Milljen25
    Let us know if you call!
  13. by   CNAtoRN3
    I'm applying for Walla Walla 2018.