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Walden has started new a new FNP and AGNP enrolling now for start date in Sept, Oct, and Dec. hope this is helpful to people that are interested.... Read More

  1. by   omotzury
    here was the message i got from a walden advisor, i asked of there was a specific date that this would be done since i applied for the october start date.

    [color=#454545][font=sans-serif]they did not give me a date in the correspondence i received this morning and i have replied back for clarification on the time frames of this process. our program directors are moving through all the necessary steps of this process as it affects several programs, not just our msn program. i understand your hesitation. i would however recommend going through the application process if you are interested; if we are not full certified in texas before the start date i will notify you and we can postpone your start until we receive the necessary certification or you can withdraw the application with no charges/penalties.
  2. by   jenj90
    i see what they are telling you, but the problem is that they've been telling people (me) as recent as last week that they had everything done. the theb requires authorization for every clinical site in texas, there is no blanket authorization and because the student secures their own clinical location, i just don't see how it will be possible to be authorized until well after the clinical is done because it takes 30-45 days for each authorization to process. i'll be sticking with good ol' a&m, it may take longer, but i know my education will be worth something when i'm done. btw, here is the email we received this am stating that they have yet to apply from a so called supervisor, mike barnes. see 2nd paragraph where he tells us that in texas, they haven't even requested approval. last week they were swearing they were set to go in the state and the program was approved. just beware.....

    "i am emailing you the information you requested per the phone message that you left on my phone today.

    with regards to the practicum in the state of texas, i was able to receive an answer that in fact we are not yet approved to conduct field placements in the state. we have also yet to apply.

    having said that, i found that we were awaiting a response from one last agency in the state in order to complete and submit our application. the response from the respective agency came last week.

    we are in compliance with regards to any deadline to submit our application and will be doing so shortly in order to comply with one of the requirements for our graduates to practice as an np in the state of texas.

    please let me know if you would like to discuss this situation further. i will be more than happy to discuss your options as well as how this might impact you.

    i appreciate you bringing this to my attention,


    [font=&amp]thank you,

    [color=#548dd4][font=&amp]michael barnes
    [font=&amp]enrollment manager
    [font=&amp]laureate, inc.
    [font=&amp]walden university/the national hispanic university

    [font=&amp]walden toll free: 866-492-5336, ext. *33317
    [font=&amp]nhu toll free: [font=&amp]877-534-6648
    [font=&amp]direct phone: 210-408-3317
    [font=&amp]email: michael.barnes@waldenu.edu
    [font=&amp]fax: [font=&amp]210-408-3499"
  3. by   omotzury
    hey jenj90[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif], which texas a&m are you planning on attending?? is it the one in canyon texas? i have been planning on applying there too, any info will be very well appreciated.
  4. by   jenj90
    I'll be attending A&M in Corpus Christi, they have online MSN programs for Mgmt & Leadership, FNP and Education. The clinical portion is definitely approved in Texas
    The advisors at TAMUCC are very helpful and very nice, I would hope this goes for all A&M campuses. I've had a good experience during the application process.
  5. by   omotzury
    How long did the application process take for you? when are you starting and conrats by the way. I am currently and ADN and i have 20 more credit hours to graduate, will go ahead and finish that by spring 2013. I really am hoping apply for the FNP to get in for fall 2013
  6. by   jenj90
    To apply into the MSN program at A&M, they require a BSN (unless you do RN to MSN), the application process didn't take long, the waiting to find out took forever, or so it seemed. They require official transcripts, resume, 3 letters of recommendation and an essay as to why you wish to be in the program. They do a GPA calc of the last 60 credit hours, and a 3.0 or better is required for admittance into any MSN programs at A&M. Once accepted, they require immunization records, background check, BLS card, licensure and drug screen to be completed prior to courses starting. The deadline for most of their programs is April 15, and the notices were sent out by June 30. Thanks!
  7. by   kenyohunt1
    I guess it is just different for each state. i checked WV and there were no issues from the WV board of higher learning or the WV board of nursing.
  8. by   toni87
    I first heard of Walden University about 2 weeks ago from my co worker. A little nervous about applying because Ive never hear baout it before. Looking for a FNP program to attend that dosent cost an arm and a leg. How is the program for anyone that is already attending.
  9. by   mylojoRN
    This is a new program. The first cohort starts this September.
  10. by   kenyohunt1
    @Toni87 this is a new program at Walden Sept4 is the first start date.
  11. by   lv2bfit
    i just spoke to the missouri dept. of higher education, iwas told that since walden is regionally accredited (which they looked toconfirm for me) that they do not need to be specifically accredited through mystates higher education dept. she said she cannot speak for other states butthat most operate the same way. in regards to clinicals, if the student isresponsible for setting up all clinicals (which i have been told they are andmost on-line schools require this), then no state accreditation is required. ifwalden contracts with any agency/hospital, etc. in my state, they are thenconsidered having a physical presence in missouri and then must gain approval frommo hde. this may be the confusing issue in texas. so, every entity i have spokenwith confirms that all seems good to go and it appears that no “fraudulent”behavior exists with walden.
  12. by   mspinkngreen
    @iv2bfit I spoke with the Michigan board of nursing and the told me the same thing:-). I'm excited I got accepted into the fnp program for sept 4th as well.
  13. by   finallydoingit
    Walden is CCNE accredited. Individual states can have different clinical requirements.