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Walden has started new a new FNP and AGNP enrolling now for start date in Sept, Oct, and Dec. hope this is helpful to people that are interested.... Read More

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    Thank you TiffanyRN!!
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    You're welcome and she is in the process of making it a public group.
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    TiffanyRN!! I just sent a request to join the group my name is Yolanda Hunter
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    What are the admissions requirements? I cant find the page on that...
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    Hello Everyone,
    I am also looking to join MSN FNP at Walden University. I am wondering about clinical part because I am not working right now. SO, I will be thankful if someone provides me some info about clinical for FNP.

    I heard that walden is not board of nursing approval it the state which mean that most states will reject you getting license as a FNP OR AGNP after graduation, plus I also heard they will mess with your money.
  7. by   pinkORT
    I am considering the FNP program, but am really scared that I won't be able to get a job because of the reputation of this school. I have tried to do some research on Walden but only get "really really" bad and "okay" reviews. Have any of you heard good things from the school and/or what made you decide to pursue this program?
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    Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Eligibility Criteria - American Nurses Credentialing Center - ANCC this is the ANCC's FNP certification eligibility criteria. The "differential diagnosis and disease management" is the only requirement that I couldn't see a specific class for but seems the practicum classes would likely cover that. I am going to check with Walden to see what they say about that. Walden is listed on the CCNE's website as being accredited for "masters" program in general, I spoke to someone at the CCNE who confirmed that the FNP falls under that accreditation. I spoke to someone at the ANCC who stated the criteria listed on the link I provided above is it, meet the criteria, you can sit for the exam. One of the nursing instructors at Graceland University (where I obtained my BSN) is attending Walden for the MSN Educator and likes it, has no complaints. I'm still undecided as to which program I will attend (Graceland or Walden), cost really is the issue for me, I am still paying off 30k for my BSN at Graceland. I heard from Walden the other day and was informed my application is in progress...I applied the middle of May. Every schools FNP program had a first year at some point....I really don't want that to be a big issue for me, but it is. After grilling some of the docs I work with in my ICU, they all seem to agree that if you pass your certification that's really all that matters. Through your work experience and practicums you have proven yourself and made those valuable contacts...so landing a position shouldn't be any more difficult for a Walden grad as for any other grad...
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    I live in North Carolina and Im not sure if they will be taking students from NC. I will be calling tomorrow to Inquire!
  10. by   lv2bfit
    They have a list of approved states on their web site. It's a big list but if your state isn't on it yet it's best to wait til it is...
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    Anyone accepted to FNP from Texas. Does Walden provide clinical sites or do the student find that on your own. Also are you worried about finding job due to being online university only. Thanks
  12. by   MissRn09
    Hello all. I wanted to give you guys some information and personal opinions on Walden. I apologize in advance for the length.

    I have been attending Walden for a year taking one class at a time and my plans were to get a Master's then when I completed my MSN then return to another university for a post-master's because I have had an extremely difficult time passing the Math portion of the GRE. Now that Walden has the NP program, I don't have to do all that I learned about Walden from my nursing instructor who had completed 2 degrees from Walden and was working on her PhD at the time. Also, I know 2 very close personal friends and my current unit manager who completed their MSN from Walden who has had no problems securing jobs after graduation. Walden is very reputable.

    First I would like to give you some information on their accreditation.
    Please make sure that they are accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. Here is the exact paragraph from Walden's website on their accreditation: "Walden is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association, www.ncahlc.org. The North Central Association is one of the six regional accrediting associations recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) (Walden, 2012).

    The NP accreditation:Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). On their website, they spell out specifically what all schools state which is it is the student's responsibility to check with the accreditating body and the State Board of Nursing before enrolling. I have checked with Texas and they meet the criteria for endorsement after completion.

    Next, I would like to explain to anyone who has questions about their new Nurse Practitioner programs. Their program is set up like any other school. I have attended 2 other schools in this pursuit of becoming an NP and this program is set up no different. Online programs are the basically what probably 85% of master's programs are. The clinicals are set up by the students meaning you are responsible for securing your own preceptor. There are guidelines that the preceptor must fall into but Walden will specify all that information prior to beginning clinicals.

    The program is set up to be completed in 1.5 years if going full time and 2.5 if going part-time. Full-time consists of 10 hours per quarter (12 week sessions) and part-time is 5 hours per quarter.

    Now, my opinion: Walden has been absolutely the BEST university of the 3 I have attended. I have attended the university in which I received my BSN degree from for one semester and I wasn't pleased combined with my challenge passing the Math portion of the GRE. I then transferred to St. Joseph's College of Maine. While their program was nice, the lack of having set deadlines for turning in assignments was prolonging me (procrastination) and they also made the GRE a requirement. Thus, I went back to the university I initially wanted to attend but whom did not have the program I wanted. I have been able to use the information I have learned from the core courses in my job on a daily basis. All the instructors at Walden are PhD educated, very easy to contact, and nice. I have yet to run into someone, in any department, who has been rude or gave me problems.

    Hope all this information helps with questions about their program. I am extremely excited and can't wait to start classes even thought I am nervous cause the last time I took this many graduate hours I wanted to scream!! I will beginning September 4th start date.

    Reference: Walden University (2012). Accessed 2 July 2012. Accredited Online University Degree Programs | Online College | Online School | Walden University
  13. by   pasty1234
    l just got accepted into walden FNP program starting Sept 4th. very excited!! Anyone starting in sept 4th?