UT Health Pacesetter BSN Spring 2018

  1. Yes, it is extremely early to begin talking about the Spring 2018 class, however, I thought it would be nice if we could all get together here and go through our pre-req/application/acceptance journey. It would be fun to lend support, chronicle our stresses and excitements and see how everything unfolds for us from now until the first day of class (assuming we get accepted).

    I'll start:

    I'm taking my pre-reqs at Lonestar (10 hrs for Spring, 14 hrs for Summer). I plan to take 18 hrs for Fall and will be testing out of 15 hrs via CLEP. I work PRN in a Critical Care unit at a major hospital. I will be taking the HESI in May; once Spring semester ends. Lastly, I have high hopes to be accepted into the Honors program once I am eligible to apply, since I have a deep interest in research.

    I hope to hear from some of you! The application deadline is September 1 and there is a webinar info session at 10am tomorrow.

    God bless.
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  3. by   stephbntz5
    I will be applying for Spring 2018 also!
  4. by   lonestarcd
    Hi! That's great. How far are you in your pre-reqs and have you taken the HESI?
  5. by   stephbntz5
    I will be taking it, hopefully, around next month. And I need AP2 and nutrition. How about you?
  6. by   lonestarcd
    After Summer semester, I will have more than the 40 hours required to finish my application by the deadline. I will have all 60 complete by the end of Fall semester. I'm in A&P I & Texas Gov. now and for Summer I am registered for Micro, A&P II, Statistics and English. Full load! I'm taking the Hesi in May.

    I've looked at other schools, and UT Health is definitely my first choice, so I'm nervous!
  7. by   stephbntz5
    How are you studying for the Hesi?

    UT is also my first choice!!
  8. by   lonestarcd
    I rented the HESI study book by Elsevier. I got it from Chegg.com for just $12. The Elsevier website also has 1-2 full-length practice exams.
  9. by   chancec13
    I am thinking about applying. I am graduating with my Bachelors degree in May of this year from UHD. I tried nursing school at HBU but after one semester I was beyond burnt out. I had been taking 19 hours (not counting clinicals) which was the only way for me to graduate on time. I don't want to give up on nursing but I am worried about going back and having another bad experience, and I am also unsure if I want to give up the job I have right now.

    Current GPA: 3.0
    Prereq GPA: 3.5
    Science GPA: 3.5

    I need to retake HESI. Going to start studying for it ASAP.
    I am also considering applying for ADN program at Lonestar.
  10. by   Tess73
    Hello! I'm so glad there's a thread for Spring 2018 I'm planning on applying as well. I'm currently taking my prereqs at HCC and have AP 2, Micro, and Philosophy left. Thinking about taking the HESI in July after I complete my AP 2 Summer course. This is going to be such a stressful but worthwhile process!
  11. by   Lc.achavez
    Hi! My name is Alyssa and I am also applying to UTHealth spring 2018 pacesetter program. I was recently accepted to their SHPEP program that begins May 21st. I am starting a hesi prep study group while in the summer program if anyone is interested!
  12. by   NLStewart81
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm applying for Spring 2018 as well, so it's good to see a thread started! I'm currently finishing my pre-reqs at Lee College. I will only have Micro, Chem and Physiology to finish after this semester. Knocking micro/phys out in the summer and then will have a relatively easy fall semester.

    Does anyone know what count as electives? I previously went to school for Medical Assisting and some classes such as medical terminology, etc. were required. I was going for nursing at the time so they were college level classes. I would like to know if those classes can be used as electives.

    I plan to take the HESI within the next month or so. I wanted to finish my Spring classes before focusing on that.

    One last question- does anyone know how scholarships and financial aid work? I added UT when I applied for 2017/18 Fafsa, but don't know if we wait to find out how much we get/apply for scholarships until after acceptance?
  13. by   Tess73
    Hey! I'm not familiar with the scholarships and financial aid part (there are past threads of UTH that I bet someone asked about that though) but I do know about their electives. When I went there for an info session, they said that pretty much any class counts, and that they will generally choose the class that has the higher grade.
  14. by   TrinaBeana3
    Hello Everyone,

    I will be applying for the 2018 Spring Pacesetter program also. I am extremely nervous after reading all the prior forum about how competitive this school is.