USF MSN-CNL non-nurse summer 2017

  1. Hello everyone! I am currently waitlisted in the spring 2017 cohort starting in Jan for the USF MSN-CNL non-nurse cohort 23, but I wanted to start a thread for those of you applying to the summer 2017 semester because if I don't get off the waitlist I will be reapplying for summer, and if I do get off the waitlist I can help you all with info on how the process works and what to expect. Either way, since I am going through it right now, I hope to be able to help new applicants. This time can be very stressful. Who all out there is applying?
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    Hey! do you plan to apply to different programs this upcoming year if you do not get off the wait list?
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    Hi @made90 good to see you again on here! I definitely do! In fact, I'm not taking any chances and just signed up to take the hesi 2a on November 23rd so I can apply to Samuel Merritt's MSN program (application due December 1st for a fall 2017 start). Additionally I'm applying to their Accelerated BSN program, but not until April 1st because you have to take pathophysiology and pharmacology at their campus before you start that program and its expensive, so I don't want to waste my money/time yet until I know if I've gotten in somewhere else if that makes sense. Did you apply anywhere else this round, or what are your plans?
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    USF was the only school I applied to for spring admissions. I plan to re apply in January for USF and apply for Samuel Merritt for next spring deadline is in July. I need time to prepare and get new letters of recommendation. I am also applying for San Francisco State fall admission for Entry Level Masters due February and the Accelerated entry level for next spring Due in July. It sort of discouraging but I am not giving up..ahhh
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    Don't let it discourage you! Remember that the USF application selection is very subjective. Their board just picks who they like and who will fit together well! Definitely re apply!! I'm trying not to get discouraged as well. What are you stats like?
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    Hello hello! I actually frequently checked the last forum for the Spring cohort as well and also applied for that cohort. I unfortunately did not get in, but I also emailed Ingrid asking what more I could do to make my application a bit more competitive and she did give me some tips! While USF is still my first choice, I still won't let this discourage me from my ultimate goal of being a nurse. I would LOVE to discuss this process with other people going through this same thing so I decided to finally just join in on the conversation, lol. If anyone is wondering, I am also looking into Samuel Merritt ABSN and a few state schools. I also took the HESI last Tuesday. Either way, if you have questions don't hesitate to ask or direct message me! I'm hoping to get the most out of this forum/thread that I can
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    Welcome nana! Thank you for joining the convo! How did you prepare for the hesi? I'm taking it in 3 weeks and want to make sure I do well!

    What did Ingrid tell you as far as advice?

    Definitely dont give up on the dream! People get denied all the time from nursing school because it's so competitive and it just takes persistance!!! What are your stats like?
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    Yes I will keep trying! I know if a program is meant to be it will happen. My stats: I graduated from UCLA with a B.A in Sociology 3.3 GPA, Nursing pre-requisites are 3.88 ...I dont have a lot of experience working at a hospital setting I have volunteered at the Los Angeles Children Hospital for a year on the Oncology floor. I am now an Academic interventionist at a Charter School. I feel like even though they say that its not necessary to work in the healthcare field, they definitely favor those applicants. I have also started volunteering at Good Samaritan Hospital located in Los Angeles. I am actually starting next week.

    I am also studying for the GRE. Which I believe it can be challenging!

    Welcome nana510!! Having somebody else to discuss applications is definitely helpful! I have been trying to figure out where I went wrong! Perhaps the fact that I don't work in the health-field and that I live in Los Angeles was a big factor. I also did not include any test scores on my application. I wonder if even though they do not require any tests, if scores are good it can definitely increase your chances. As for my personal statement I think I went a little too personal I talked a lot about the reason of why I want to become a nurse instead of focusing on what I have done to prepare myself for such a career. I dont know. Bouncing of ideas on this forum would certainly be nice.
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    I forgot to mention that I also earned a post baccalaureate certificate in Speech Language Pathology from CSULA GPA 3.7. I included those transcripts, however I had no room in personal statement to explain why after completing the program I realized that getting into graduate school was extremely competitive so I decided to go back to what I have really wanted to be which is a nurse. Most of my nursing pre-requisites were taken 5-7 years ago, stuff happened in my life which took me in another route but after realizing that every graduate program is extremely difficult and its going to take serious perseverance I would rather it be Nursing. I am passionate for speech pathology but nursing is just it for me.

    So now that I didn't get accepted for the Spring term my Physiology and Microbiology have officially expired. I am planning to take physio in Winter and Micro in Spring so hopefully I should be good to reapply for summer?
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    @made90 you have a great background/stats. It's best not to compare yourself to other applicants because there truly is no rhyme or reason with USF.

    I have a 3.45 undergrad in biology minor in neuroscience from USF. Nursing pre reques are 4.0. 5 years of paid experience as a clinical medical assistant in cardiology and orthopedics. 1.5 years at a community clinic as an intern through the SF dept of public health. 1 year as a Medical scribe at that same clinic. 2 years as a clinical coordinator volunteer at Ucsf homeless clinic. 2 humanitarian aid trips to Nicaragua and Brazil. A list of 15 other community outreach volunteer programs I am a part of. 9 months working on my PS and having it read and edited by SO MANY PEOPLE! Waitlisted! I literally don't know where I went wrong either. I think it comes down to we are all wonderful candidates and there is just so little room in the program We just have to keep pushing. The next round will yield different applicants and we can hopefully stand out better in the new round.

    Im sorry you have to take anatomy and physiology over again! Mine will expire in 2 years so I need to make sure I get in somewhere before then.
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    Thanks for the welcome! and congrats Afton on the waitlist! All hope is not lost for this upcoming year and I definitely admire your positive/continue moving forward attitude! I hope this all works out well for you!

    I'd be happy to tell you about the HESI in a direct message. There is a lot to say and I want to be thorough in how I explain it. I can be scatter brained at times, haha.

    Ingrid's advice was straight forward, helpful, but also general advice she would give to anyone who asks.
    *Update your resume with additional experience in health care settings, volunteer, or leadership
    *include only experience from college and beyond and make sure your resume is only 1 page.
    *rewrite your personal statement and invite 2-3 new proofreaders
    *change or meet with your recommenders

    I'm not going to lie, when I first read her response I felt discouraged because I had felt as though I had given my best in my application. However, there really is always room for improvement, and this was the first time I applied to a nursing program in general. I also know for a fact that this really is what I want to do.

    Some general (relevant) stats about me: I graduated with a liberal arts degree almost two years ago. My undergrad GPA was 'meh', and my prereq GPA is about a 3.4 I have taken pathophysiology and pharmacology for the SMU program as well.
    I decided to go back to school to be a nurse, but never realized that this was my passion until I began working as a PCT. I volunteered at Stanford Hospital for about 8 months before accepting a full time position at a children's hospital. I currently work in all units within the hospital, but I have mostly been sent to the ICU's. I've been there for almost a year now and I love it! I have also spoken to nurses I work with, my supervisors, and managers at the hospital, and they have definitely been helpful throughout this process!
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    I also just read your guys' stats and I know I shouldn't compare myself, but both of your guys' stats are outstanding. It really is difficult to understand what more we could have done and I am really comforted by the fact that it's not just me that felt this way!

    I do remember going to an info session and I do remember Jenny? talking about emotional maturity and life experiences taken into account. A part of me feels like I probably could use a bit more of both, haha. I am definitely eager for more responsibilities and to be accepted into any program as well, so I probably should work on my patience lol.