University of Phoenix LPN TO BSN CA applicatns FOR 2012 - page 2

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody has attended to the LPN/BSN program for UOP in California. If so, how difficult or hard is to get accepted in to the program? How long does it take to... Read More

  1. by   MrCAPR
    Hello everyone I received a response from UOP and I was selected as an alternate only... It sucks!
  2. by   wose
    I'm sorry.. hopefully next semster then??? how did they respond to you? by email or call.. I still haven't heard anything from them.
  3. by   angelamuya

    did you ever hear anything back from UOP as of today?
  4. by   angelamuya

    did UOP say that you will be first though when the next cohart starts?
  5. by   wose

    nothing so far, so I'm assuming I didn't get in.. I'll just try again next semester I guess
  6. by   wose

    have you heard from them?
  7. by   angelamuya

    I haven't heard anything either. I really hope we do tomorrow. I would assume though that we would get something either way telling us. Do you even know when this semester starts or when the next one does?

    Keep me posted if you do hear anything and I will let you know as well.

  8. by   wose
    Hi Misscandy,

    got an email that I was offered a spot and scheduled to start in January 2013. So hopefully, they got back to you today too and hopefully the process of $$ goes well and I can start in January. I'm assuming I start in January due to some of the classes I took.
  9. by   angelamuya

    Thanks for your response! I still haven't heard anything as of yet Did you just get an email today?

    Did you have most of your prerequisites done? How many did you need to take before the nursing courses?
  10. by   wose
    Yeah.. they emailed me this morning. Yes, I did complete most of my pre req's but have to do my sciences cause it's past 3yrs. Hopefully they will email you too.. they said registration is not going to really start till September
  11. by   angelamuya

    So does that mean they are accepting people for September start date and then January after that? Do you know how many they are accepting per term?

    I still havn't heard anything and tried calling but only able to leave a message. Did you get an email from anyone specific or just addressed from the school. Did your counselors name begin with H or G?

    sorry I'm such a bug. I'm just getting so anxious!
  12. by   wose
    Hi Misscandy,

    I got an email from the school's lvn-bsn dept. I believe they are only accepting 32 students. I'm not sure really when the others start or if we all start together. But I'm sure you'll hear something from them sooner or later. I pray you do. I also contacted Gina and Heather... but neither of them emailed me of the acceptance, just from their general mailbox.
  13. by   angelamuya
    Hi wose...

    Oh gosh thank you for your prayer! I think it really helped, cause I got an acceptance email about an hour ago!
    Yeahhh. I'm so happy and relieved. It also says I would tenatively start in Jan. 2013. Thank you for putting up with all my questions, you really helped me get through this. I hope that we can continue to stay in contact. If it is ok with you I will send you a friend request so we can exchange email addresses if your ok with that?
    Been thinking about quik248 and Really hoping something works out so they can start in Jan. as well.

    Take care and thank you again, hopefully talk to you soon
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