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Hello, The application cycle for University of Miami ABSN for Summer 2017 just opened today. Wondering if anyone is applying! I will be sending my application in a few weeks. Deadline is March 1st.... Read More

  1. by   teeeee
  2. by   leahhartshorn
    I had everything submitted and verified by Feb. 7 and still haven't received anything about CaneLink. Hmm...
  3. by   acroso93
    Quote from leahhartshorn
    I had everything submitted and verified by Feb. 7 and still haven't received anything about CaneLink. Hmm...
    That is bizarre... I did email nursing CAS and UM yesterday, so maybe that helped, or maybe they are getting to you today also? The waiting game is the worst -__-
  4. by   leahhartshorn
    Yeah, I called yesterday just to make sure everything was in and the person I spoke to said that as long as it was verified through NursingCAS they had it, but she wouldn't look up my actual name or anything. So the waiting continues...
  5. by   YourFutureNurse2017
    For those who have been accepted, has anyone received information on when orientation is?
  6. by   Lys9505
    I haven't :/ there's a lot of things we have to have done before orientation but the actual date wasn't sent in our letters of admission! So I'm not sure if anyone else knows but I don't
  7. by   dayi2929
    I am hoping that when we receive our acceptance letter by mail that it will have more information regarding orientation. If anyone does get a date for orientation please let us know!
  8. by   mackhill
    To those accepted, Congratulations! If you were willing to share your stats., including GPA, previous health care experience, and other accomplishments I would love to know what sort of candidates this program is looking for to better prepare myself for subsequent application cycles.
  9. by   YourFutureNurse2017
    So I found out from someone via email that students accepted will receive all info once the deadline has passed.
  10. by   zaps
    Hi everyone, I just got into the program this past week! @acordova131 I just requested to join the FB group, hopefully you see an Anna Zapala from Miami.

    If anyone has specific questions about UM's housing and the area around it let me know, I have some experience with it (I'm a current UM student)
  11. by   Layla300
    Hello! Does anybody know how long it takes for the program to contact you (either by email or mail)? I submitted my application on Feb 5th and everything was changed to verified last week according to nursingcas. I called the school to see if I could speak with someone about the status of my application, but all I was told was that the applications were being processed in the order they received. Were people contacted shortly after they submitted their application or not? Any feedback is appreciated.
  12. by   cbarrabi212

    My application was verified and completed november 12.... Didn't hear anything, I see people who got acceptance letters in december, did i not get in???

  13. by   mebricen
    Hi! My app was verified 02/07.. the only info I have received was the Canelink email. I called and got the same response from them. The waiting game is the worst!