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Hello, The application cycle for University of Miami ABSN for Summer 2017 just opened today. Wondering if anyone is applying! I will be sending my application in a few weeks. Deadline is March 1st.... Read More

  1. by   Lys9505
    Congrats!! We have a group on Facebook for everyone's that's been accepted!! It's University of Miami ABSN (Summer 2017)
  2. by   teeeee
    But do they want you to send transcripts directly to them?
  3. by   teeeee
    Acroso93 could you let me know what the program say
  4. by   NeeshJo
    I remember I called them once, and they said I could. I would call to confirm that again though. The staff is very friendly
  5. by   teeeee
    I will give them a call
  6. by   teeeee
    The lady I just spoke to told me to wait on NursingCAS idk cause everyone has different information. It's getting really frustrating
  7. by   acroso93
    Quote from teeeee
    Acroso93 could you let me know what the program say
    Yes of course! I haven't had a response back yet, but I will let you know. If I don't get a response back by tomorrow I will also call and see what they say. I emailed University of Miami and Nursing Cas. Let me know if you receive any more information as well
  8. by   teeeee
    I surely will! Thank you!
  9. by   caz7
    Hey guys! So what I would do is call nursingcas and ask when your transcripts will be verified kind of every day so they know your deadline is nearing and it will push them to finish. If UM needs anything from you they will contact you. Just by submitting your application they know you're applying. It took them about 3-4 weeks until they even got to my application after verification so it takes time don't worry. I wish you all the best!
  10. by   acroso93
    Quote from teeeee
    I surely will! Thank you!
    I just received an email back from NCAS and this is what they said:

    Good Afternoon,
    Thank you for contacting NursingCAS. Looking at your application, it became
    "complete" as of 02/14/2017 and is in line to be verified. From your
    application complete date, please allow 2-4 weeks for verification to occur.
    You will receive an automated email when your application has been verified.
    Please keep in mind that your designations have access to your application as
    [FONT=arial, sans-serif]soon as you submit to the program.[/FONT]

    [FONT=arial, sans-serif]So it looks like the UM can see our application regardless of if our transcripts have been verified or not. I feel WAY less stressed now![/FONT]
  11. by   teeeee
    Yeah I have been calling everyday so far, thanks for the advice!!
  12. by   teeeee
    Yeah that's what they been telling me
  13. by   mackhill
    I submitted my application just yesterday, not knowing verification would take so long. I spoke to a representative at nursingCAS and U of M today and it sounded to me like U of M does not review applications until they are totally complete ( which includes verification) on nursingCAS. I feel that given my very late application submission, my transcripts may very likely not be verified until after the march 1st deadline. I asked a U of M admissions advisor if I could have my schools send my transcripts directly to them and she said no they do it all through nursingCAS. Sorry to repeat what others are saying, just thought I would share my current experiences. Bummed that I will likely not make it into the summer of 2017 class, let alone applicant cycle, but now that I know how long application processing takes I will be sure to apply much earlier for subsequent semesters.