university of Miami ABSN Summer 2017 - page 11

Hello, The application cycle for University of Miami ABSN for Summer 2017 just opened today. Wondering if anyone is applying! I will be sending my application in a few weeks. Deadline is March 1st.... Read More

  1. by   teeeee
    If I'm not mistaken it's straight through no breaks
  2. by   Lys9505
    Well that would make sense! Haha
  3. by   astutesnake99
    İ think there's a one week break at the end of the summer semester
  4. by   mackhill
    I just applied to the program, having sent my transcripts to nursingCAS about two weeks ago. Does anyone know whether this is much to late to be considered for program acceptance. I know the application closes March 1st, however I was wondering whether anyone had heard of late applicants being accepted.
  5. by   Lys9505
    Previous semesters they've extended the deadline! And I've heard of people who applied near the deadline getting accepted before it just seems like they don't find out til a couple weeks before the program starts! So I think you have a shot still
  6. by   caz7
    Since no one has received their decision yet, I feel like the timing of your application won't matter as long as it's not way past the deadline!
  7. by   Lys9505
    I just received my decision!! And I've been accepted!! I'm so excited I could cry!! Haha
  8. by   caz7
    Yay congratulations!!!! Was it via cane link???
  9. by   Lys9505
    Thank you!!! Yes it was! Under communications! And it said I would receive more details in an email within 2 business days!
  10. by   mikaelag
    I just received my decision too! I have been accepted for the Summer 2017 cohort!!! I saw mine through the communications portal in CaneLink. I can't wait to see who else has been accepted. Also, I'll be moving from Oregon, so if anyone else might be looking for a roommate let me know!!
  11. by   Lys9505
    I will be looking for a roommate! Off campus for summer and then I want to move on campus! Where are you planning to live?
  12. by   mikaelag
    I haven't done a ton of research yet on it. I would like to live on campus, but I am not sure exactly what their on campus living looks like!
  13. by   Lys9505
    I would too! I just think it'd be easier to move on campus in the fall and find a sublet for the summer just because I don't want to have to worry about summer A summer B and then between semester housing. And with a roommate that'd be cheaper plus I have family that might want to come visit Miami and I know I won't be able to do much besides school but hotels are so expensive so I'd like for them to have somewhere to stay. And I'm from New Mexico so it's pretty far for me also although not quite as far! Do you have family that would come out at all? I figure if I find someone in the same situation it would be a way to save a lot of money in the summer and then move on campus in the fall with more time to plan for that!