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Hello, The application cycle for University of Miami ABSN for Summer 2017 just opened today. Wondering if anyone is applying! I will be sending my application in a few weeks. Deadline is March 1st.... Read More

  1. by   Lys9505
    There's no interviews
  2. by   teeeee
    I have a quick question, you said you know U of M will ask for my transcripts if NursingCAS haven't sent them but I thought U of M doesn't get any of my info until NursingCAS send over everything
  3. by   Lys9505
    They would email you and ask for you to send them! They sent me an email like that for spring because that's when I was planning to apply originally. So nearing the deadline I got an email saying to mail my transcripts to the nursing department
  4. by   teeeee
    Ok! NursingCAS has my transcripts now I'm just waiting for them to verify *crossing fingers*
  5. by   Lys9505
    I hope they do it quickly! I've heard calling them about it can speed up the process on other forums! Haha good luck. This waiting process is the worst
  6. by   teeeee
    Yes it is!!!!! I will give them a call next week! Thanks for all of your advice!
  7. by   caz7
    Yes I agree with calling them to speed up the process! Also make sure to check your GPA when they have verified your transcript. I noticed there was a HUGE error in mine and I had to email them and they corrected it within 24 hours.
  8. by   teeeee
    Thank you sooo much for that! They are closed Monday so I will be calling on Tuesday. I see some people say that your transcripts does not have to be verified in order for U of M to look at it is that true?
  9. by   caz7
    I'm not entirely sure about that. I would email UM admissions. They usually respond within 24 hours and have been really helpful with all my questions.
  10. by   teeeee
    Ok thank you
  11. by   Lys9505
    I was told my nursingCAS that they have access to your application as soon as you submit it, but I'm not sure if they review it that soon. Once it says complete on canelink is when they're reviewing. I've been so anxious I've read a ton of stuff and called a million times haha.
  12. by   teeeee
    lol I don't blame you I'm anxious as well
  13. by   Lys9505
    Well at least it can't be much longer than 2 weeks until we start hearing back!! One question I have is since it's only 12 months do we not have the breaks between semesters and like winter and spring breaks? Does anyone know how that works?