University of Alabama - Birmingham (UAB) MSN 2014 Applicants ROLLCALL

  1. Hello ladies and gents, hoping all is well with everyone.

    Wanting to know who has applied the MSN Nurse Practitioner programs at UAB. I've applied to start in the summer of 2014 for the Psychiatric/Mental Health NP program. The program is abit long, 7 semesters, peoole have said thats long, but Im game. Anyhow, anyone else appling to the MSN program at the school? Would love to chat it up with you.
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  3. by   scarykarrey
    ME! I applied for the WHNP program. Does anyone know how long it'll be before they'll let us know, or before they'll at least start scheduling interviews?

    (I also started a thread over in the APRN Pre-NP forum)
  4. by   nontradbsn22
    I applied to Family and Acute Adult-Gerontology.
  5. by   lyndalou22
    is this a fully online NP program?
  6. by   nontradbsn22
    Yes lyndalou22
  7. by   scarykarrey
    Quote from lyndalou22
    is this a fully online NP program?
    Most of the curriculum is online, with local preceptors and several three-day intensive classes where you have to be on campus in Birmingham.
  8. by   JesusKeepMe
    I'm hoping we all hear something regarding if we got accepted pretty soon. I'm not on edge, I would just like to know. If you all get any news, please feel free to share.
  9. by   scarykarrey
    I'm on edge! Soooo impatient.
  10. by   scarykarrey
    Anyone get any news yet?
  11. by   jennRN1208
    Hey! I have applied to the AC-PNP program for the summer 2014. I just got an email Tuesday asking about a statistics course. It looked like it was a generic email that went to everyone. Did ya'll get that? It was just informing me that I had to have a statistics course prior to starting the MSN program, which I have. The email also said that they hoped to let us know early December, as they had a lot of applicants. Again, I think it was a generic email.
  12. by   scarykarrey
    Yep, I got that email, too, and sent my course info to the Transfer Office for evaluation. I wish it DID mean something!
  13. by   scarykarrey
    Hopefully we'll be hearing something this week!
  14. by   scarykarrey
    Have you all tried to register a BlazerNET ID yet? We've got a good conversation going on about it over in the Pre-Nurse Practitioner forum here.