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  1. by   umdbsn
    Did your status change? or did they just call you back to tell you?
  2. by   umdbsn
    Did you status online change as well?
  3. by   nursing#101
    They never called back. It did change online.

    For those who already ordered castle branch:
    I just bought the package bit when I log in there is nothing there, aka no info about background or drug test. Do they send us a drug kit or do do the test at our providers and upload the results. None of the immunizations show either so does that mean I just follow the school guideline and submit them? I used electronic check so could it be that payment needs to be processed first?

    I'm way behind for marymount. It's due December 20th.
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  4. by   umdbsn
    What made you choose marymount instead of GW? I also got into both but i will be attending GW if i do not get accepted to UMD. I was wondering what made you decide on Marymount?
  5. by   nursing#101
    I wanted to go to GW too but my parents are old so I needed to choose the school that was closer to home. Including traffic, Ashburn is just too far. And the expense too. I was really upset about it yesterday when I turned in the Declaration of Intent. I would need to cosign with my parents in order to get loans to pay for school so marymount was less. Still expensive but less. Ugh wanted to go to UMD so bad... Why did umd wait listed me again!!!!!!!
  6. by   umdbsn
    Yeah im shocked they waitlisted you again I feel like usually when a student gets waitlisted they get in the next year they apply.

    GW is also a better program than UMD so I'm shocked that UMD didn't accept you right away
  7. by   nursing#101
    I know. My thoughts exactly. Like how did I get into GW but not UMD. And I was waitlisted in prior semester at GW also. I even worked on improving my resume by doing an internship and getting my BLS
  8. by   nursing#101
    Has anyone who was waitlisted got in?