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Anyone Apply for UMSON for Spring 2017 ???... Read More

  1. by   nursing#101
    Yeah could be you clicked on the shady grove option by mistake on your application. Let them know.

    I'm still at committee ready. Wish they looked at all waitlisted students from fall first...
  2. by   johsonmichelle
    Quote from nursing#101
    Hi Grey Lady,

    What makes a candidate a competitive applicant? I was waitlisted for Fall. Is high GPA a major factor? Thank you for answering our questions.
    UMSON does not just look at gpa. UMSON factors in repeated classes with gpa. Say for example a person fails a math class with a D and then retakes it and pass with an A . Usually the d grade will fall off the person gpa and will only factor in the A grade . But with UMSON, they will factor in both the failing and passing grade into the gpa which may lower the overall gpa. Some individuals don't realize that and maybe actually be applying with a lower gpa than they think. They're looking for well rounded students. I know quite a few number of people that came into my adn program with 4.0 gpa and could not pass a nursing course to save their lives, so having a high gpa is not everything.
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  3. by   jldnursetobe
    Most schools do that.
  4. by   student20122
    Quote from nurses1000
    status still on committee ready. My heart is breakin into a thousand pieces

    Me toooooooo
    I try to convince myself that no news is still good news but anxiety is finishing me completely. I just can't take my mind off of this.
  5. by   Clenurse
    I'm new to this thread and have been following it since September. I'm still on committee ready and becoming extremely anxious and worried. It's been over a week since they started releasing acceptances. But I'm trying to keep my head up and hope for the best. That's all we can do now at this point anyways. I wish everyone luck and congrats to those who got in!
  6. by   ezyR6
    Are you applying for traditional BSN too or RN-BSN?
  7. by   Clenurse
    I applied for traditional BSN
  8. by   ezyR6
    Is this your first time applying at UMSON? I feel anxious too but that's because my status is still at "complete ready for review" I hope you guys will hear back soon!
  9. by   hdonal1
    Still on Committee Ready- does anyone know when we will know by? Because I am sure the office is off for Thanksgiving.
    Anxious to say the least.
  10. by   ezyR6
    Still on Committee Ready- does anyone know when we will know by? Because I am sure the office is off for Thanksgiving.
    Anxious to say the least.

    I Feel you. According to previous threads last yr, some receives the news after thanksgiving or first week of December. I guess it depends how many applicants they are handling
  11. by   johsonmichelle
    Is there anyone here that has applied for the rn - bsn program?
  12. by   Bear26
    Has anyone heard back today? I applied for Baltimore campus and feel like since I haven't heard anything its time to just think about other options.
  13. by   FutureBSNRN
    What does your status say if you were put on the wait list?