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  1. by   Bear26
    Quote from jldnursetobe
    Hello! I heard back and I got in I feel silly because I literally had a meltdown the night before thinking I wasn't going to get in. Good Luck to everyone who hasn't heard yet. Just remember what Grey Lady said, its not time to panic yet!

    Hi! Congratulations! Did you hear today? Still concerned and worried because my status still says "committee ready".
  2. by   jldnursetobe
    I am not sure exactly when my status changed but I checked around 6pm yesterday and saw that the decision had been made. I completely understand your fears and believe me - I was feeling them so hard until I found out. <3 <3
  3. by   brooke3g
    Just found out my status changed to provisional-admit. Super excited but not exactly sure what that means!
  4. by   student20122
    Awesome congrats!
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  5. by   student20122
    Quote from brooke3g
    Just found out my status changed to provisional-admit. Super excited but not exactly sure what that means!
    Congrats! They just need ur updated transcript from this semester with B or better. Yayy! I'm happy for u.*
    Mine still says committee ready
  6. by   Stroubr
    Congrats!!! That means you're in pending on the grades you receive from the classes you are currently in.

    What campus did you get into?
  7. by   nursing#101
    Mine is still at committee ready.
  8. by   jldnursetobe
    Shady Grove
  9. by   johsonmichelle
    For those accepted , have you gotten an email , phone call or letter in the mail yet?
  10. by   Lsyd418
    I heard back November 9 and have not gotten a phone call or acceptance letter back. Apparently the admissions staff doesn't start to make calls until most people are informed of their acceptance online and an acceptance letter should be mailed out within a week or two of your online acceptance.
  11. by   nurses1000
    status still on committee ready. My heart is breakin into a thousand pieces
  12. by   stevieee
    Just found out tthis morning that I got in!!!!
    Then just not recieved my email. I had no idea they could pick which campus to send you to?? I thought I had applied for Baltimore but was accepted for shady grove which is like an hour plus drive as opposed to 15 mins.
    does anyone know if we have the option to switch if someone else gives up their Baltimore seat or what?

    dont get me wrong I am so elated and relieved to have found out today, it just wasn't what I had expected.
  13. by   jldnursetobe
    Are you sure you indicated Baltimore on your application? I would call them and see if theyc could switch you before they send anymore acceptances out!