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  1. by   nursing#101
    Quote from minam
    i'm traditional BSN and i hope you hear back this week !
    Thanks! Hopefully by today.
  2. by   Christymayor
    I am new to this thread. Am really scared and I check surf every 30minute. I don't even know what to do
  3. by   jldnursetobe
    I wonder how many seats have been filled and how many are left!
  4. by   Christymayor
    Same here!!!! Am wondering too. I was waitlisted for fall 2016, probably because of the classes I had to take. I have taken those classes. Like I can't even place myself.
  5. by   guest10
    Quote from kmcgnursing101
    @thyrzia hello! I have a few questions my status changed to admit institution. I still have no information on how to accept that or what to do next? I haven't recieved any emails or anything in the mail. Thank you!
    Congratulations! Admit Institution means you have been accepted with no outstanding prerequisite courses. Right now admissions is just under halfway through changing the statuses so we have a few days. Once they have posted a substantial enough number they will start making phone calls. In the meantime, look at the Accepted Students tab on the UMSON website. There is a checklist there of things you can get started on. You can also brush up on your A & P and teach yourself medical dosage calculation. The more practice you get with that the better.
  6. by   Christymayor
    I don't understand the fact that they will call after first round had been completed. What is the call going to be based on
  7. by   Christymayor
    Today is the 14th and I haven't received any status change. My status is still on "committee ready". I hope I don't get waitlisted again. And why do student get waitlisted?
  8. by   guest10
    Quote from Christymayor
    Today is the 14th and I haven't received any status change. My status is still on "committee ready". I hope I don't get waitlisted again. And why do student get waitlisted?
    What happens is that the status changes are done first as they are the quickest ways to get the information to the applicants. Once almost all are done, the admissions staff start to call the applicant to congratulate them on their acceptance, talk about orientation, and just generally answer questions. It takes a long time to make all those phone calls. A student is wait listed if they meet our requirements but just were not quite as competitive as other applicants. Keep in mind that not all of our offers will be accepted. When a student declines our offer of admission, we go to the wait list and offer that seat to someone on that list. Typically, about 15% of our students were waitlisted. Accepted students are given two weeks to accept our offer in writing and pay the $400 deposit.
  9. by   jldnursetobe
    Hi Grey Lady,

    Have a majority of the acceptances already been sent out or are there still ample seats left?
    Do you have an approximate date that everyone will likely hear by?

    Thanks in advance for answering our questions and relieving some of our uneasiness. It is really kind of you to take the time to do this.
  10. by   Christymayor
    Thanks very much for this answer; I do appreciate your kind heart. I will keep praying and keep my mind at rest since I have God. I was waitlisted fall and I already submitted all the outstanding prerequisites. 8 hope to get in by Gods grace.
  11. by   ezyR6
    Everyone else is in committee ready, my application has not reached to that point yet.. sigh what if they forgot my application?
  12. by   nursing#101
    Hi Grey Lady,

    What makes a candidate a competitive applicant? I was waitlisted for Fall. Is high GPA a major factor? Thank you for answering our questions.
  13. by   guest10
    Less than half the number of seats on both campuses are filled at this time. I have no idea how long it will take to finish the first round but would guess it would take at least two more days.