Umass Worcester fall 2018 GEP

  1. Hi,
    I applied in September for the GEP/FNP program I wanted to know if anyone got an interview yet?
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  3. by   FinallyANurse89
    Hi! I'm glad you started this thread! I haven't heard anything about an interview. I know last year people were accepted early! I just submitted my application last week!
  4. by   NurseJeffreyMA
    Hi everyone! Any updates? I know last year around this time people were accepted!
  5. by   mma22664
    The application deadline is Dec 1 and people are already getting accepted?
  6. by   kevinm23
    Does anyone know how much the whole program is going to cost?
  7. by   mma22664
    Is there a separate cost of applying on NursingCAS? The total cost of applying to UMass is around $135?
  8. by   futureFNP123
    Hey guys! I'm glad you all got this thread started, now that application season is in full swing. Mma22664, yeah I think the application ends up being around $135 total because we have to pay for both the NursingCAS fee and the UMass fee.

    BUT this program is much less expensive than others! I think the first year is the most expensive, but it decreases every year. And I'm pretty sure you get to work as an RN after the first year, so I would assume that would also help in terms of income? They have some info about this on their website: Tuition and Financial Information

    I love this program, particularly because of the small class size, resources, and the faculty seem great! What pros/cons are you guys considering?
  9. by   NPToBe527
    Hi everyone!

    I'm a current UMass GEP student, just started in August. I'm happy to answer any questions about the application process/starting the program. Throw them my way! Best of luck through the whole application process, trust me, I have felt your pain!
  10. by   HopefulMay
    Hi all!

    Finally submitted my application! A little nervous due to the fact that my undergrad gpa and GRE scores were very low. But I am currently finishing my Masters degree in Health Science with a great gpa and have received all As in Nursing prerequisites. With over 5 years of patient care experience. Any insight on my chances of getting in? (Trying to remain positive)
  11. by   NurseJeffreyMA
    Hi! Did anyone else get an interview? I'm wondering where they're at with the admission process.

    Hi HopefulMay! I think that they really do look at the whole picture and having over 5 years of patient care experience is great! May I ask what type of work do you do?
  12. by   NurseJeffreyMA
    Thank you! I had my interview last week and waiting to hear back! I am going crazy waiting. Do you feel like most people that get an interview also get into the program?
  13. by   HopefulMay
    Hi NurseJeffreyMA! I have experience working with the DDS population for the state as a direct care staff and I currently work as a nurse technician on a telemetry unit in CT. Both which I love!
  14. by   NurseJeffreyMA
    Hi everyone! I got a call yesterday and I'm accepted to the FNP track! Did anyone else get an interview or accepted?