1. Hi guys!
    I'm currently completing my undergrad+prereqs to apply in the next year to UM's ABSN program for the Spring 2019 session (Apps due next august). I know it's a very premature thread but I thought there might be other applicants for the Spring 2019 session who are already freaking out about apps like me. If any students who were accepted for previous threads could share their experience, tips, or stats here that would be incredibly helpful.
    We got this.
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  3. by   GypsyRN05
    I applied to the summer '18 application cycle but I'm super worried I may not get in because I am still currently in-progress for a pre-req. Also, my cumulative gpa is very low I really really hope they weigh the science GPA more! However, if I don't get in for summer I am planning on applying for spring '19 as well! meanwhile I will take extra classes to boost my cumulative GPA. You're definitely ahead of the game so good for you! Best of luck
  4. by   lilit829
    Hi! I'm sure you'll get in! I wanted to apply to the Summer '18 cycle but I graduate with my undergrad degree in June. I could have rushed it but I thought it better to just wait and go back home and work in those 6 months in between. My GPA is not the highest either, but I'm hoping they take into account my undergrad school and extracurriculars. I'm sure they'll be comprehensive about your GPA, specially if your essay and you other stuff is good! Do you have any extracurriculars that might make up for GPA?
  5. by   GypsyRN05
    Ahh I really really hope so, it's all I can think about! I think you did the right thing waiting since you don't finish undergrad until June. I got my undergrad in business back in 2013, I really hope my letters of rec and resume/volunteer work will help me since my cum GPA isn't so great. Hopefully they mostly look at our pre-reqs! The waiting game is the hardest part lol!
  6. by   chris.colby
    I submitted my application for U Miami ABSN spring 2019 term on the Feb 11th. So you are not the only one ahead of the game!
  7. by   lilit829
    That's great @chris.colby! I haven't submitted yet, I'm waiting on a reply on whether I can send in my app without having finished me UG degree. I'm set to graduate in June and have all my pre-reqs completed so only thing is the degree. Hopefully I can get this over with. How are your stats?
  8. by   chris.colby
    graduated my undergrad in 2013 with a BA in Psychology (cumulative GPA = 3.0 / Psych GPA = 3.15)
    My pre-reqs GPA is a 3.72
  9. by   katsolo
    I also just submitted my application! @chris.colby have you received a canelink account yet?
  10. by   chris.colby
    Haven't received that yet but according to NursingCAS all my transcripts have been verified and my application is complete. How long does it usually take for Miami to send the canelink?
  11. by   katsolo
    I'm not sure! I haven't gotten mine yet either, although I submitted mine a bit after you. In past threads it looks like it was usually 1-2 weeks after submitting but maybe because it's still so early they haven't begun to send them out yet.
  12. by   jackietran
    Hi everyone! I just submitted my application for Spring 2019 with my transcripts verified and letter of recommendation turned in! I was under the impression that they look at your cumulative and prerequisite GPA. I called Anna, the ABSN go-to person, and she said that they take your science GPA into account too? Is that true? Because on their website it doesn't say so.
  13. by   chris.colby
    anyone recieve a canelink yet? I'm following another thread that is for U Miami summer 2018 and it looks like the admissions team is still finishing up going through some applications. I was reading in that thread that many people were told that final decisions for that summer term would be finished by the end of March. Maybe the admissions team hasn't even started to look at our group yet for spring 2019? Anyone have any more information on this?
  14. by   katsolo
    I emailed admissions because I haven't gotten a canelink yet either and they told me that they are still working through the summer 2018 applicants and probably won't get to ours until June! That seems later than in previous years but I also looked at that summer 2018 thread and it seems like they have a lot more applicants than usual so everything is taking longer :/