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Hi guys! I'm currently completing my undergrad+prereqs to apply in the next year to UM's ABSN program for the Spring 2019 session (Apps due next august). I know it's a very premature thread but I... Read More

  1. by   chris.colby
    wow that seems crazy considering the summer term starts in May. I feel like they would have to finish with all their applications by mid April at the latest in order for those applicants to get their affairs in order. I hope they don't defer a bunch of applicants from the summer pool into our pool and lessen seats for us...
  2. by   jackietran
    Does anyone know if they look at the application holistically?
  3. by   mpeter0124
    Hi everyone!
    I just sent in my application for Spring 2019 ABSN program.
    Anyone else apply for spring?
    I have a undergrad GPA of 3.2 and a pre-req GPA of 3.8.
    I heard they send out admission letters on a rolling basis, has anyone heard anything yet?
  4. by   mpeter0124
    @chris.colby Did you hear anything back yet? I also applied for Spring 2019
  5. by   chris.colby
    Not yet but now that it's April 1st hopefully the admissions team is gonna start working on the spring apps. Everything I've been reading says that they received a huge amount of apps for the summer 2018 term so they are still sorting through all those.
  6. by   Mg023
    When they said they'd get to ours in June does that mean sending out canelink emails or decisions?
  7. by   katsolo
    I had emailed to ask about my CaneLink so I assume that's what she meant when she said June. Hopefully she meant decisions though!
  8. by   Mg023
    Such a long wait! Thanks for the clarification.
  9. by   adwolber
    Quote from lilit829
    That's great @chris.colby! I haven't submitted yet, I'm waiting on a reply on whether I can send in my app without having finished me UG degree.
    I asked admissions about this and they said we can apply with our degree in progress as long as we finish it and all the pre-reqs before the program actually starts. I applied on March 16th!
  10. by   chris.colby
    I've been following the summer 2018 UMiami group as well and apparently this coming week is gonna be the last week they admit people for the summer term so fingers crossed they start looking at our apps right after!! I'd love to hear something positive back before summer really starts so the next few months will be stress free! Good luck to everyone =)
  11. by   jackietran
    Does anyone know if having prerequisites still in progress (I have 3) will effect my chances of getting in?
  12. by   RRDRGZ
    It's great to see a few people putting in their applications in early! I am waiting for my one final transcript to be received so I can go ahead and submit the completed app. I'm pretty nervous since my overall and pre-req GPA are extremely mediocre D: Fingers crossed!
  13. by   jackietran
    Hi everyone, I got off the phone with Anna not too long ago and she said that they're wrapping up Summer applicants and the first round of decisions will come out in May!