Uab Spring 2019

  1. Has anyone else applied to Uab's BSN program for the 2019 Spring semester?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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  4. by   Jspiv25
    I applied for spring 2019 very nervous!
  5. by   nr2015
    So glad I found someone else that has applied too! Have you heard when we're supposed to get a letter with the decision? Do you currently go to UAB?
  6. by   Jspiv25
    I heard at the end of this month and no I don't im a transfer student
  7. by   nr2015
    I hope so, it's so stressful not knowing. This is my first semester at UAB, I transferred from a State College in Florida. What University are you at now?
  8. by   Jspiv25
    I know right! My nerves are shot just thinking about it im trying to stay busy and not think about it. I go to Gadsden State Community College
  9. by   nr2015
    Me too! I heard that they're going to take more people this semester since the new building just opened, so hopefully that's true.
  10. by   Jspiv25
    Omg i hope so! How strong do you think your essay and resume was?
  11. by   nr2015
    Same! I feel nervous about my essay only because I wasn't sure if I answered the questions completely. For my resume I have 112 hospital volunteer hours, 25 shadowing hours and 40 community service hours and a 3.56 GPA. I'm not sure what they are looking for so I'm super nervous about it. I've heard the avg accepted GPA is between a 3.3-3.6 but I don't know what they're looking for with volunteer hours. What about you?
  12. by   Jspiv25
    People say my essay was good because of how i grew up taking care of my sick grandmother and aunt but i only had 70 volunteer hours that I documented but i did make sure on my resume i put where else I volunteered even thought i didnt have documentation of it sadly. But i have a 3.56 im an ambassador at my college so of course i work with the community alot hopefully they know that since my resume was only supposed to be a page long it was hard to put everything i have done on my resume im in phi theta kappa and in joint admission
  13. by   nr2015
    I'm sorry about your grandmother! That's funny that we have the same GPA lol! I was also in Phi Theta Kappa before I graduated from my state college. It sounds like you have a good resume to me. I feel like I should have included more personal experiences in my essay but I felt like there was no way to shorten it to one page so I didn't even try. I didn't realize how hard only having one page to write was going to be. Do you know anyone else that has applied?
  14. by   Jspiv25
    I know right! And yes im actually messaging this girl on facebook right now!